Research success

School of Medicine building at dusk

ARC grant to open new window on a hidden world

One of the world’s most powerful MRI machines will be installed at UWS giving scientists the ability to produce previously inaccessible and detailed images of living tissue and other materials.

Andrea Halpern

Music key to better understanding of ageing mind

One of the world’s foremost cognitive psychologists will present research on how music can be used to gauge our brain functions.

Megan Watkins

Research finds teachers want more training in Multicultural and ESL Education

Research from the University of Western Sydney has found many NSW public school teachers lack the necessary training in multicultural and English.

Holding a smart phone displaying the racism app

A new app pushes our buttons on how it feels to be subjected to racism

Could you walk in the shoes of someone who is subjected to racism on a daily basis? UWS researchers launch a world-first mobile phone app that challenges people’s ideas about racism by actually experiencing it first hand.

Wei Xing Zheng

UWS researcher honoured by world's top professional association

Decades of research by Professor Wei Xing Zheng has been acknowledge with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers naming him a 2014 IEEE Fellow.

Open book

Research shows ‘popular’ fiction is actually a smart choice

Christmas shoppers fretting over what book to buy their loved ones have been urged to avoid the trap of picking a critically acclaimed bestseller straight from the shelf.

Baby boy holds a doll and smiles

Research finds baby boys love dolls more than trucks

New research from the University of Western Sydney shows baby boys prefer objects with faces over machines, challenging the theory of an innate preference among babies.

Vaughan Macefield

Couch potatoes take heart - watching sport can make you fitter

New research has found that viewing other people exercise actually increases your heart rate and other physiological measures, just as if you were working out yourself.

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