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Pacfic community

Study sheds new light on Australian Pacfiic community

A report has shed light on the Pacific community in Australia, a largely ignored sector of society similar to other migrant working communities around the world.

Bellinger River Snapping Turtle face

Bellinger River Turtle under threat of extinction

Seventeen turtles in quarantine and a team of scientists could be all that stops a native turtle species in NSW from being wiped out by a mystery disease that has killed an estimated 400 turtles since February this year.

Parramatta aerial

Researchers question dense approach to residential development

High-density city living does not guarantee improved environmental outcomes, with new research showing other variables such as belief in human-induced climate change and level of education play a key role.

School of Medicine sign

Study finds people power can lower blood pressure

The world’s largest study of diabetes peer support has shown it can significantly lower blood pressure in patients with Type 2 diabetes and potentially reduce their risk of serious complications.

Tape measure wrapped around apple

Summer triggers for male eating disorders

Sun, sand and swimming may sound relaxing but for an increasing number of men summer is a stressful time as they grapple with concerns about body image.

Ear acupuncture

Study finds acupuncture benefits for range of cancer related symptoms

Cancer patients could benefit from acupuncture and other forms of Chinese medicine according to an expert presenting at the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting.

woman drinking

Women to take control on binge drinking

New research from the University of Western Sydney has revealed how midlife women with Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs) maintain quality abstinent recovery and wellbeing.

Eucalypts on river

Tree shock: research shows climate change hitting eucalypts

The much-loved national symbols are increasingly coming under threat as climate change increasingly creates a mismatch between forest trees and their home environments.

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