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Linkage grant success highlights partnership strength and impact

Western Sydney University researchers have been awarded almost $500,000 in funding after securing two prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants.

Stem Cell

Western Sydney University welcomes $150 million national funding boost for stem cell research

Western Sydney University has joined a strong and united stem cell community to welcome $150 million in Federal Government funding, over the next ten years.

Haider Mannan research

New link between childhood obesity and early infant feeding

New research suggests that infants in South Western Sydney introduced to formula and solid foods within the first four months, could be twice as likely to suffer from childhood obesity.

Koalas in a tree

Stress and habitat linked to koala recovery

New research led by Western Sydney University Stress Lab’s Dr Edward Narayan, has found the psychological state of wild koalas and the location they are rescued from, can have significant impacts on their chances of recovery and rehabilitation.


World-first technology to revolutionise space imaging

A revolutionary and world-first approach to space imaging led by Western Sydney University’s International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems (ICNS).

Eastern Long Neck Turtle in a person's hand

Native turtles face extinction in South Australia: New report

Western Sydney University has contributed to new Australian research into native turtle populations in the Murray River and associated waterways, finding species are in decline in the lower Murray River region.

Visual representation of how food impacts the brain

Eating a healthy diet can ease symptoms of depression

An analysis of data from almost 46,000 people has found that weight loss, nutrient boosting and fat reduction diets can all reduce the symptoms of depression.

Image of 30 Doradus C from the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Western Sydney University research unlocks superbubble mysteries

Professor Miroslav Filipovic from the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, alongside an international team of researchers, could help solve one of the most pondered questions of Space: the makeup of cosmic rays.

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