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Edward Narayan

Research: Summer heat waves impede animal reproduction

As we swelter through the hot Australian summer, Western Sydney University researchers have provided an insight into the broad ranging physiological effects of summer heatwaves on animals.

Baby holding blocks

AusE babies trump their peers at word learning

New research has found that Australian babies fare better than babies of other English speaking countries at word learning.

Young Sprout

Groundbreaking first ‘soil atlas’ reveals most common bacterial across the world’s soils

Western Sydney University experts have teamed up with researchers from the United States, Spain and UK to compile the world’s first ‘soil atlas’ which tracks the most common types of soil bacteria around the world.

Music festival audience

Study: Revellers ready for festival drug checks

A study of the attitudes and behaviours of young people at music festivals found that a majority were in favour of drug checking, and would reconsider taking a drug if they were aware of its contents.

Western Shield

A better way to leave prison: supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders

New research published by The Australian Journal of Rural Health shows that more can be done for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people leaving prison.

Phase 1 Clinical Trials Unit opening

New clinical trial set to advance prostate cancer research

Western Sydney University researchers based at the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research are conducting a world-first clinical trial of new experimental medicine, which shows promise as a treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

Maternal Depression Affects Your Baby

Talking to your baby makes all the difference

Western Sydney University researchers have found evidence that infants of mothers with post-natal depression (PND) are less communicative than peers of non-depressed mothers.

Wei Xing Zheng

Academic joins world leading researchers on highly cited list

For the third year in a row, Professor Wei Xing Zheng from the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics has been named on the annual Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers list.

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