UWS Community Award recipient: Christopher Snelling

Christopher Snelling

Christopher Snelling was educated in Australia and the USA. After working overseas and completing a Master’s degree in international management, he returned to Australia to work in the museum industry in various roles with the Museum of Contemporary Art, in marketing, communications and management.

In 2006, he joined the Powerhouse Museum as Project Manager of the Powerhouse Discovery Centre: Collection Stores at Castle Hill. He worked on all aspects of transforming this place into a publicly accessible facility.  In doing so, Christopher has demonstrated a genuine capacity to relate to people of diverse ages and backgrounds.

He values volunteering and shows strong empathy with senior citizens. He also recognizes and supports local, regional and national values in education, history and heritage – liaising with local schools to run a mentorship program.

Christopher has developed strong links with a broad range of organisations, businesses and local media. He is known to work well beyond the duties expected of his position, to achieve the goal of making the Powerhouse Discovery Centre a leading cultural attraction in the Hills District and beyond. Christopher does all of the above with great enthusiasm and energy, and is deserving of our recognition.


Photo: Sally Tsoutas