UWS Community Award recipient: Aunty Fran Bodkin

Fran Bodkin

Aunty Fran Bodkin is a D’harawal woman for the south of Sydney, and is well known throughout Macarthur for her dedication to the environment and Aboriginal culture.

She works tirelessly to teach traditional “Science” and enable a deeper understanding of, how to care for our natural environment. Aunty Fran is not only a keeper and educator of Aboriginal knowledge she is also a scientist. She holds degrees in Environmental Science, Geomorphology and Climatology. The knowledge through her degrees and that which has been passed down through her Aboriginal mother has provided Aunty Fran with a holistic approach to the environment. 

Aunty Fran is an Elder on Campus and dedicates her life to educating our children and community on the richness of Aboriginal culture and heritage.


Photo: Sally Tsoutas