UWS Community Award recipient: Aunty Edna Watson

Aunty Edna Watson, a Darug Elder and long time resident of Oakville, is an artist and story teller who has made significant contributions to preserving the Darug language and contributing to the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the areas of nursing and midwifery.

Aunty Edna is a quiet achiever who is reluctant to speak about her many achievements, however she is actively involved with local councils, NSW Department of Primary Industries,  NSW Reconciliation, TAFE and UWS.

Aunty Edna has developed curriculum for NSW schools in Western Sydney to revitalize the Darug language and is well respected in the community and often referred to by Government and Industry on matters of protocol.

She is a keeper of stories and knowledge of the Darug language and culture and dedicates much of her time and energy to preserving this knowledge for subsequent generations through her programs and art works. 

Aunty Edna is presented with the UWS Community Award and it is an honour to have Leanne Watson here with us at today’s graduation to accept Aunty Edna’s award.