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Western Sydney University offers a range of undergraduate and post-graduate learning and research opportunities.

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The Gastroenterology Laboratory at School of Medicine offer research positions in Honours, Masters of Research, and Doctor of Philosophy. Applications are open to local and international students.

We are currently searching for talented and motivated PhD candidates to undertake research in oesophageal cancer. Two PhD scholarships, co-funded by OCAGI and WSU are now available (applications close 31st July 2018).

Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)


We welcome national and international students whom are interesting in gastroenterology to contact us and discuss PhD opportunities. We are looking for proactive and naturally curious individuals with backgrounds in any of these fields; molecular biosciences, food science, physiology, clinical sciences, psychology, bio-engineering, and cell biology. We encourage our students to apply for local or international scholarships and do provide project specific scholarships.

As a laboratory, we offer a friendly and collaborative environment where you will have access to the latest scientific technologies and clinical devices for your research. Translational research is our main focus, our projects usually adhere to the bench-side to bed-side philosophy of generating results that have real world applications, and as such many projects take place in both the laboratory and the clinic.

We look forward to hearing from interested students.

Masters of Research and Embedded Honours (Medicine)

The Masters of Research degree is offered to students with a bachelor degree or equivalent. The two year degree involves one year of course work and research, followed by a second year of dedicated research. Students currently enrolled at WSU Doctor of Medicine can enrolled in Embedded Honours, the program involves a conducting a research project in parallel with your degree. It is recommended to express your interest early in your degree (e.g. first or second year) as this will ensure you have ample time to complete the project.

International Exchange

International students currently enrolled with their respective education institutes can apply for our exchange program. Students can participate and be involved in a range of clinical and basic science projects. The student is required to organise liability insurance with their institute or we can provide a quote through our insurance provider.

Currently Enrolled Students

For student currently enrolled in a Doctor of Medicine or Bachelor of Science we are available for short-term research or community based research projects. Our academic staff have supervised Medicine-in-Context, Science semester project, and Community Research projects as part of the curriculum. Students have also been involved in our Summer Scholarship Program or took part in assisting research in a part-time bases.

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