Issue Five

Resilient Research: SDG outcomes during a pandemic

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society has been colossal. Likewise, the pandemic has disrupted global research efforts. Research has been curtailed, extended, modified or, in some disciplines, redirected to research about the pandemic itself. Western Sydney University researchers have demonstrated incredible resilience and integrity during this challenging period and, importantly, have maintained their valuable relationships with international partners and our international student cohort. At the same time, they have delivered impactful research that has progressed the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. The intention is to radically transform global economies and societies. Our projects are undertaken at the local level but have global relevance to societies and economies.

We are delighted to welcome you to the fifth edition of Future-Makers that brings attention to the fascinating research undertaken in a wide range of disciplines. The commitment of our researchers to excellence, quality and integrity are reflected in their collaborations with international partners and in the international work of our higher degree research students. From agriculture, food security, sustainable farming, and bushfire resilience to health issues including men’s health, child nutrition in developing countries, cannabis pain relief, gut health, barriers to health care for homeless people, supporting female genital mutilation survivors, and transforming mental health delivery in rural and remote areas, our research stories take you on an amazing journey of discoveries that help confront global problems.

Perhaps most notably, the stories provide insight into current global challenges related to resilience and vulnerability to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective use of technology in classrooms with the rise of remote learning, and building positive interfaith relations.

We not only encourage you to read these stories ofsuccess but persuade you to connect with us irrespective of the country or region you are located in, to work with Western to identify and co-create solutions to universal challenges.

Professor Barney Glover AO
Vice-Chancellor and President 

Professor Deborah Sweeney
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research, Enterprise and International)

Western’s Olayide Ogunsiji (standing) and spokesperson Fatu Sillah (seated) are a formidable united front working to collate data and raise awareness about the impact of female genital mutilation/ cutting on an estimated 53,000 women and girls in Australia today.

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