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Professor Margaret Somerville

Director, Cer,
Centre For Educational Research (soe)

Professor Of Education,
Centre For Educational Research (soe)


Margaret Somerville is Professor of Education and the Director of the Centre for Educational Research in the School of Education University of Western Sydney.  She is also the Chair of the Greater Western Sydney chapter of the United Nations Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (one of only four in Australia).

She is currenlty researching and teaching doctoral students in the areas of place and sustainability education and professional learning/organizational development. Margaret is able to connect these fields of research through new theories of space, place and body and adapting her expertise in creative methodologies within the post-human paradigm that link the physical and social sciences, humanities and creative arts.

Her long standing research in Indigenous understandings of connection to country has also contributed to the way scholars in the field conceptualize place and place-based learning in education. Scholars both nationally and internationally have taken up this work with her methodological leadership being recognised through invitations to: lead a group of Scandinavian scholars in place-based pedagogy research which led to the award of a Norwegian Education Research Council grant; to lead a group of researchers at Canberra University developing new theoretical work in space, place and body; and a special edition of a Norwegian journal.

Margaret's conceptual, theoretical and methodological contributions in place studies have coalesced into a significant body of research in sustainability education across the educational specturm from early childhood to school and community-based education. This pioneering work in place studies has informed the publication of seven authored books, an edited collection, and over 60 refereed publications, the most recent being 'Water in a Dry Land: place learning through art and story' (2013) (Routledge). Professor Somerville's books have had an enduring impact on understanding our relationship with the land in Australia.

Professor Somerville's current funded research projects are:

  • Love your Lagoons: A place-based, industry funded sustainability project involving 315 students and 20 teachers from primary and secondary schools linked with 30 community educators in south western Sydney to implement projects aimed at caring for local wetlands
  • Mapping students' everyday multimodal language practices in a high needs school: A project at a National Priority high needs, western Sydney Public School where teachers and students engage with language, culture and ethnicity as signifies of children's significant places. Connecting home and school as places of learning and success is the focus

Reports of recently completed externally funded projects can be viewed on the CER website

This information has been contributed by Professor Somerville.

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Centre For Educational Research (soe)
  • Centre For Educational Research (soe)


Phone: 2258
(02) 47360 258
Location: K.2.26
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Penrith (Kingswood)

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Chapters in Books

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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

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  • 2010, 'Water in a Dry Land'
  • 2008, 'Bubbles on the Surface III'
  • 2007, 'Bubbles on the Surface II'
  • 2006, 'Bubbles on the Surface I'

Other Publications

  • 2016, 'Building on Children's Linguistic Repertoires to Enrich Learning: A Project Report for the NSW Department of Education', Research Report
  • 2016, 'Researching Parent Engagement: A Qualitative Field Study', Research Report
  • 2015, 'Love Your Lagoons: Place-based Learning and Environmental Action in South Western Sydney', Research Report
  • 2015, 'Education for Sustainable Development Report 2015: Contribution to Quality Education in Australian Schools', Research Report
  • 2015, 'Integrating Education for Sustainability (EfS) into Teacher Education: Project Report', Research Report
  • 2015, 'Mapping Students' Everyday Multimodal Language Practices in a High Needs School: Final Project Report', Research Report
  • 2013, 'Student Trajectory Aspiration Research (STAR): A Study of Aspirations, Enablers and Barriers to Further Education in the Blacktown Learning Community', Research Report
  • 2013, 'Our Place, Western Sydney, Project Report. Stage 1: Community Environmental & Sustainability Educators', Research Report
  • 2013, 'Our Place Western Sydney. Stage 2, Community: Project Report, August 2013', Research Report
  • 2013, 'Teachers@Sustainability: A Participatory Action Research Study in Place and Sustainability Education', Research Report
  • 2013, 'Place-based Education for Sustainability in Gippsland Schools: A Report for Participating Schools and the Wider School Communities in Australia about the Implementation of Place-based Sustainability Curriculum', Research Report


Current Projects

Title: Naming the world: early years literacy and sustainability learning
Years: 2016-03-01 - 2019-02-28
ID: P00022625
Western Researchers: Margaret Somerville
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)

Previous Projects

Title: Love Your Lagoons
Years: 2013-08-16 - 2014-12-31
ID: P00021768
Western Researchers: Margaret Somerville, Tonia Gray and Susanne Gannon
  • AGL Upstream Investments Pty Limited
Title: Our Place Project - Western Sydney - Stage One: understanding the work and needs of community environmental and sustainability educators
Years: 2012-07-01 - 2012-12-31
ID: P00021142
Western Researchers: Margaret Somerville
  • Office of Environment and Heritage
Title: Our Place Project - Western Sydney - Stage Two: A study of community needs in local place care and protection
Years: 2012-10-08 - 2013-08-31
ID: P00021160
Western Researchers: Margaret Somerville
  • Office of Environment and Heritage
Title: Parental Engagement - Qualitative Research
Years: 2015-08-19 - 2016-04-01
ID: P00022968
Western Researchers: Christine Woodrow, Margaret Somerville and Loshini Naidoo
  • Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth
Title: Building on children's linguistic repertoires to enrich English learning
Years: 2015-01-08 - 2016-01-31
ID: P00022445
Western Researchers: Margaret Somerville, Jacqueline D'Warte and Wayne Sawyer
  • Department of Education and Communities
  • Department of Education and Communities
Title: Mapping students everyday multimodal language practices in a high needs school
Years: 2014-05-29 - 2015-01-31
ID: P00021968
Western Researchers: Jacqueline D'Warte and Margaret Somerville
  • Willmot Public School


Professor Somerville is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Title: Traditional Owners on Country Today: The Art of Place-making in the MerriCreek Catchment, Victoria
Field of Research:
Title: A Veil of Sand: An Autoethnographic Study of a School Reform Program in the Middle East
Title: Blogging Art and Sustenance: Artful Everyday Life (Making) with Water
Field of Research: OTHER EDUCATION
Title: Disintegration and the Feminine in the Landscape
Field of Research:

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