Professor Lynette Sheridan Burns

Professor Lynette Sheridan Burns

Adjunct Professor,
Dean's Unit, School of Humanities & Comm Arts

Communications (SoHCA)


Lynette Sheridan Burns is Professor of Journalism and Deputy Dean, Humanities and Communication Arts.

Her research focuses on innovative approaches to teaching and since 1998 she has led three Federally-funded curriculum design projects aiming to improve the quality of journalism by intervening in the pre-professional education of journalists. The projects focused on developing skills in critical self-reflection and reflective practice through consideration of the intellectual processes used to make professional decisions, particularly media reporting of social minorities. This work attracted an Award for Excellence in Teaching (University of Newcastle) and The Australian Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing. She is currently a co-investigator in an OLT funded action research project "In the Beginning" (with Thomas et al) which is examining first year learning outcomes in a range of Bachelor of Arts disciplines. Professor Sheridan Burns has a strong publication record in learning and teaching and a second edition of her successful monograph Understanding Journalism was published in 2013. The first edition, published in 2002 was succeeded by reprints in 2003 and translated into Czech in 2005.


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  • PhD University of Newcastle (NSW)
  • BA Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Dean's Unit, School of Humanities & Comm Arts
  • Communications (SoHCA)


Phone: On Leave
Location: ED.G.23

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Journal Articles

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