Ms Liesel Spencer

Ms Liesel Spencer

Director Of Research,
School Of Law

Senior Lecturer,
School Of Law


Liesel Spencer joined the School of Law at WSU in 2007.  Her research interests are in public health law and food systems governance. Liesel’s recently completed PhD dissertation at the University of Sydney is a comparative law and legal geographical analysis of the food security and public health impacts of Australia’s place-based income management trial, and the US suite of food welfare law and policy.  She has also published research on the public and environmental health implications of urban agriculture, and on aspects of local government law as public health regulation.  Liesel is admitted as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of New South Wales (but is not currently practising).  She is a first-year teaching specialist and the recipient of multiple student-selected teaching awards, and has taught, coordinated and written curriculum for Public Health Law, Torts Law, Introduction to Law, Professional Responsibilty and Legal Ethics, and Civil Procedure, and has also taught Criminal Law, Law Foundation, and Law of Business Organisations. 

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  • GDLP University of Western Sydney
  • BALAWS University of Western Sydney

Professional Memberships

  • Food Governance Node, Charles Perkins Centre and Sydney Law School, University of Sydney (2016 - 2018)
  • Roll of Legal Practitioners, Supreme Court of New South Wales (2013 - 2014)
  • Society for Human Ecology (2012 - 2014)
  • Institute of Australian Geographers (2014 - 2014)


  • Lecturer of the Year, Campbelltown Campus (LSA) 2011-10-01
  • Lecturer of the Year, Campbelltown Campus (LSA) 2013-10-01
  • Lecturer of the Year, Campbelltown Campus (LSA) 2016-10-01


  • Comparative law
  • Food systems and law
  • Legal geography
  • Public health law
  • Urban agriculture

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School Of Law
  • School Of Law


Phone: (02) 4620 3773
(02) 4620 3773
Location: 22.1.46

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 200006 Introduction to Law, 2012
  • 200008 Torts Law, 2014
  • 200010 Criminal Law, 2014
  • 200017 Dispute Resolution and Civil Procedure, 2011
  • 200020 Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics, 2007


Chapters in Books

  • Spencer, L. (2016), 'Urban agriculture in Cuba : alternative legal structures, crisis and change', Balanced Urban Development: Options and Strategies for Liveable Cities, Springer 9783319281100.
  • Newlyn, D. and Spencer, L. (2012), 'Vodcasting in tandem with annotated exemplars to improve student performance', Canadian Legal Education Annual Review = Revue de l'Enseignement du Droit au Canada, Thomson Reuters Canada 9780779850303.

Journal Articles

  • Spencer, L. (2018), 'Place-based income management legislation : impacts on food security', Flinders Law Journal, vol 20, no 1 .
  • Spencer, L. (2017), 'Selective paternalism in Australian social security law', Alternative Law Journal, vol 42, no 4 , pp 267 - 272.
  • Spencer, L. (2015), 'Obstacles to the promotion of public health by local government in New South Wales', The International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society, vol 5, no 3 , pp 35 - 42.
  • Spencer, L. (2014), 'Local government planning law and urban design for active living', The International Journal of the Constructed Environment, vol 4, no 4 , pp 13 - 23.
  • Spencer, L. (2014), 'Farming the city : urban agriculture, planning law and food consumption choices', Alternative Law Journal, vol 39, no 2 , pp 120 - 124.
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Public health law and food welfare in Australia and the U.S. in the 21st century.

Income management and in-kind welfare as public health regulation.

Urban agriculture and planning law.

Critical comparative law and comparative legal geography.

Motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic, to encourage law students to complete set reading prior to class.

Use of exemplars to communicate criteria and standards and improve student performance in assessment.

This information has been contributed by Ms Spencer.

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