Doctor Sabrina Pit

Doctor Sabrina Pit


Sabrina has worked in the education, workforce, ageing, research and health sector for 20+ years. My research and professional interests include workforce; rural issues; ageing societies; employability; aged care; preventive health; health professional education; medicine use, digital technology; health workforce; rural workforce; teamwork; migrants; longitudinal studies; falls; leadership; systems change; interprofessional teamwork; social and health outcomes. She has published over 70 papers  and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and international meetings such as APEC.

She was the Workforce Research Stream Leader and Lead Academic, Clinical and Educational Research at the University Centre for Rural Health (University of Sydney and Western Sydney University) 2014-2019. She has supervised and taught clinicians, medical, nursing, and allied health students how to do research, including EBM, qualitative and quantitative research methods and biostatistics.

 She has managed a medical practice and has held board positions with an aged care provider (2012-2016) and a disability service provider since 2018. She was a member of the Steering Group, Standards Australia Asia-Pacific Economic Cooparation Silver Economy Project and an Australian representative on the International Standards Organisation/Technical Management Board Group/Strategic Advisory Group on Ageing Societies.

Current international appointments include:

  • International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee (TC) 314 Ageing Societies- Working Group Ageing Workforce, Chair
  • ISO TC 314 Ageing Societies -Strategic Advisory Group
  • ISO TC 314 Ageing Societies- Terminology Task Group
  • ISO TC 314 Ageing Societies- Communications Group
  • ISO Technical Committee 260 Human Resources Management Working Group 9 Employee Engagement
  • ISO Technical Committee 260 Human Resources Management Working Group 11 Learning & Development

Current national appointments include:

  • Standards Australia MB027 Mirror Committee - Ageing Societies (Head of Delegation 2018,2019; Chair
  • Standards Australia Smart Cities Standards Reference Group member
  • Standards Australia MB009 Mirror Committee 260 Human Resources & Employment

Current local/ state level appointments include:

  • Ballina Shire Dementia Friendly Community Alliance – Steering Committee (BSDFC Alliance)
  • Member, Northern NSW Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Non-Executive Director- Multitask, Human Resources Foundation Pty Ltd, NSW

She has been a lead contributor to the International Standard 30406:2017 "HRM:Sustainable employability management for organizations".

She has won multiple awards including: 2017 Winner Western Sydney University Teaching Excellence Award; Quality Awards NNSWLHD: 2018 Winner Patient Safety; 2019 Runner up: Health Research & Innovation, Online dementia education.

She has a PhD in Health Behaviour (University of Newcastle), a MSc Household & Consumer Sciences (Business and health- Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands), Dip (OHS) (RMIT University), and a GradCert (Educational Studies-Higher Education (Sydney University).

Sabrina is available for PhD supervision, especially for those living in rural areas.

This information has been contributed by Doctor Pit.


  • PhD University of Newcastle (NSW)

Professional Memberships

  • Housing Working Group, Equality Rights Alliance - Women’s Health Special Interest Group, Public Health Association (2013 - 2019)
  • MIND the GAP Working Group, Equality Rights Alliance - Women’s Health Special Interest Group, Public Health Association (2015 - 2019)
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (2017 - 2019)
  • Australian Association of Gerontology (2006 - 2019)
  • Public Health Association of Australia (1999 - 2019)


  • Learning and Teaching Award. Excellence in Teaching. Winner. Western Sydney University. Community Research Teaching Team. 2017-12-06
  • International Research Collaboration Award, University of Sydney. Towards sustainable employment in health care, Dr S, Pit Dr Robroek. 2012-01-01
  • Prize ANZ Health Specialist Medical Award 2016. Won by: Hall, K., Brieger,D.G.,Pfister, B.F., Youlden, D., De Silva, S. Supervised by ., John-Leader, F., Pit, S.W. 2017-01-01


  • Workforce
  • Ageing Health
  • Ageing Labour Market
  • Digital Health
  • Employability Sustainability
  • Rural
  • Rural Entrepreneurship


  • International Standards Organisation/Technical Management Board Group/Strategic Advisory Group on ageing societies
  • APEC Silver Economy Project Steering Group Member
  • Applied Science Board Sustainable Employability Innovations, The Netherlands
  • Standards Australia Technical Committee 260 Human Resources Management
  • The Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN) Student Survey Working Group: Data Analysis Subcommittee
  • UCRH Professional Development Commitee
  • NCICTN -Local Innovation Funding - Development in Clinical Placements in Aged Care Project
  • North Coast Interdisciplinary Clinical Training Network Advisory Group


Phone: (02) 6620 7570
Location: OFF
Off CampusCampbelltown

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 400811 Integrated Clinical Rotations 2, 2017
  • 400811 Integrated Clinical Rotations 2, 2018
  • 400811 Integrated Clinical Rotations 2, 2019
  • 400948 Integrated Clincal Rotations 3 (Honours), 2018
  • 400948 Integrated Clincal Rotations 3 (Honours), 2019
  • 60056 Community Research, 2014
  • 60056 Community Research, 2015
  • 60056 Community Research, 2016


Journal Articles

  • Hansen, V., Pit, S., Fiorentino, M., Campion, S., Abraham, R., Cheng, J. and Phelan, S. (2022), 'Changes in antidepressant medication use in the workplace and sustainable employability : a qualitative study of experiences, strategies and solutions', Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health, vol 77, no 1 , pp 35 - 45.
  • Pathirana, N., Medveczky, D., Deng, W., Abel, S., Zask, A., Rolfe, M., Preston, P. and Pit, S. (2022), 'Factors affecting blood alcohol concentration (BAC) estimation and drinking intention during voluntary breath testing (VBT) : a cross-sectional study', Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, vol 29, no 5 , pp 519 - 527.
  • Pit, S., Ramsden, R., Tan, A., Payne, K., Barr, J., Eames, B., Edwards, M. and Colbran, R. (2022), 'Persuasive design techniques and app design recommendations to improve health workforce capability in rural health professionals : what do users want and how does an app help?', JMIR Human Factors, vol 9, no 2 .
  • Nash, L., Scott, K., Pit, S., Barnes, E., Ivory, K. and Hooker, C. (2021), 'Evaluation of a workshop using verbatim theatre stimuli to address challenging workplace situations : a pilot study', The Clinical Teacher, vol 18, no 1 , pp 43 - 50.
  • Walmsley, G., Prakash, V., Higham, S., Barraclough, F. and Pit, S. (2021), 'Identifying practical approaches to the normalisation of interprofessional collaboration in rural hospitals : a qualitative study among health professionals', Journal of Interprofessional Care, vol 35, no 5 , pp 662 - 671.
  • Garga, S., Thomas, M., Bhatia, A., Sullivan, A., John-Leader, F. and Pit, S. (2021), 'Motivations, dating app relationships, unintended consequences and change in sexual behaviour in dating app users at an Australian music festival', Harm Reduction Journal, vol 18, no 1 .
  • Chandiok, K., Marathe, S., Rooney, M., Stocker, J., Tellis, B. and Pit, S. (2021), 'Cannabis and its therapeutic value in the ageing population : attitudes of health-care providers', Australasian Journal on Ageing, vol 40, no 3 , pp 261 - 274.
  • Garga, S., Thomas, M., Bhatia, A., Sullivan, A., John-Leader, F. and Pit, S. (2021), 'Geosocial networking dating app usage and risky sexual behavior in young adults attending a music festival : cross-sectional questionnaire study', Journal of Medical Internet Research, vol 23, no 4 .
  • MacKenzie, L., Liddle, J., Clemson, L., Tan, A., Lovarini, M., Pit, S., Poulos, R., Roberts, C., Pond, C. and Willis, K. (2021), 'Perspectives of Australian GPs on tailoring fall risk management : a qualitative study', Australian Journal of Primary Health, vol 27, no 5 , pp 409 - 415.
  • Pit, S., Velovski, S., Cockrell, K. and Bailey, J. (2021), 'A qualitative exploration of medical students' placement experiences with telehealth during COVID-19 and recommendations to prepare our future medical workforce', BMC Medical Education, vol 21, no 1 .
  • Greenlees, N., Pit, S., Ross, L., McCormack, J., Mitchell, L. and Williams, L. (2021), 'A novel blended placement model improves dietitian students' work-readiness and wellbeing and has a positive impact on rural communities : a qualitative study', BMC Medical Education, vol 21, no 1 .
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Title: Heaps Of Aussie Festival-Goers Don???t Know How To Use Condoms Properly, Study Finds
Description: Research on condom errors
Title: oung Australians Want Pill Testing At Music Fests And Would Heed The Results
Description: Research on pill testing among festival attendees

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