Doctor Christopher Conti

Doctor Christopher Conti

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Dr. Chris Conti is a Lecturer in Literary Studies in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts and member of the Writing and Society Research Centre. His primary research interests and teaching experience are in the field of modernist and contemporary literature and philosophy and literature. He has written articles on Theodor Adorno, John Barth, Samuel Beckett, Franz Kafka, and Patrick White. He is currently working on a monograph that explores the relevance of Hans Blumenberg's metaphorology to modernist and contemporary literature. He is also the author of Proofs: 104 short stories (Puncher & Wattmann, 2012).

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Professional Memberships

  • Australasian Association for Literature (AAL) (2009)
  • Writing and Research Centre, UWS (2013)
  • Modern Language Association (MLA) (2014 - 2015)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Arts (sohca)


Phone: (02) 9772 6187
Location: 5.G.14

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Current Teaching Areas

  • 100641 Approaches to Text
  • 102186 Introduction to Stylistics
  • 102416 Law, Literature and Culture


Chapters in Books

  • Conti, C. and Gourley, J. (2014), 'Introduction', Literature as Translation/Translation as Literature, Cambridge Scholars 9781443854948.
  • Conti, C. (2014), 'Mystical translation in Patrick White's Voss', Literature as Translation/Translation as Literature, Cambridge Scholars 9781443854948.
  • Conti, C. (2012), 'The primacy of the object : Adorno versus cultural studies', Literature and Politics: Pushing the World in Certain Directions, Cambridge Scholars 9781443835749.
  • Conti, C. (2010), 'American History as a History of Self-Making: John Barth's Sot-Weed Factor', Remaking Literary History, Cambridge Scholars Press 1443814245.
  • Conti, C. (2009), 'Sensation at odds with itself: Adorno on aesthetic negativity', Literature and Sensation, Cambridge Scholars Press 144380116X.
  • Conti, C. (2004), 'Critique and Form: Adorno on Godot and Endgame', Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd'hui, Rodopi 9042019727.

Journal Articles

  • Conti, C. (2016), 'The trial of David Lurie: Kafka's courtroom in Coetzee's Disgrace', Textual Practice, vol 30, no 3 , pp 469 - 492.
  • Conti, C. (2015), 'Justice for Josef K. : bringing myth to an end in Kafka's trial', New German Critique, vol 42, no 1 , pp 99 - 128.
  • Conti, C. (2015), 'Rewriting the American Myth', Sydney Review of Books, .
  • Conti, C. (2012), 'The aesthetic alibi in The End of the Road', Modern Fiction Studies, vol 58, no 1 , pp 79 - 111.
  • Conti, C. (2011), 'Nihilism Transformed Narratively: the Agency of Art in The Sot-Weed Factor', Papers on Language and Literature, vol 47, no 2 , pp 141 - 161.
  • Conti, C. (2010), 'Gruelling', Island Magazine, , pp 141 - 142.
  • Conti, C. (2005), 'Irony, Cynicism and Satire in The Floating Opera', Arizona Quarterly, vol 61, no 4 , pp 127 - 160.
  • Conti, C. (2004), 'The Confessions of Todd Andrews: Double-Directed Discourse in The Floating Opera', Studies in the Novel, vol 36, no 4 , pp 533 - 551.
  • Conti, C. (2001), 'Aesthetic Self-Regard and Artful Self-Delusions: Some Political Implications of John Barth's Aesthetics', Literature and Aesthetics, vol XI , pp 75 - 96.

Other Publications

  • 2012, 'Proofs', Published Work
  • 2010, ''Miserably.' The Driftwood Review 8', Published Work
  • 2010, ''Uxorious.' Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine', Published Work
  • 2010, ''The Novel Inside.' Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine', Published Work
  • 2009, ''The Impostor Theory of Art.' Etchings', Published Work
  • 2009, 'Southerly', Published Work


I am currently working on a monograph that brings together Hans Blumenberg's ideas on the anthropological significance of rhetoric with writers such as Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Patrick White, and John Barth.

This information has been contributed by Doctor Conti.


Current Supervision

Title: Terror Australis: haunted geographies in the Australian Gothic mode
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Title: Aletheia: Disclosing the story of a life through narrative, time and body
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