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Doctor Alison Moore

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Dr Alison M. Moore is a conceptual historian and has been at Western Sydney University since 2012. She received her PhD from the University of Sydney in 2002.

She has published widely in the field of history of modern European psychiatry and the long history of sexuality, with other areas of expertise in the history of medicine and health, historiography, World War Two historiiographic debates, and the history of European medical ideas about digestion and excrement.

In recent years she has developed her training in biomedical sciences with a view to enriching her emergent new expertise in the histories of health, nutrition and disease. 

She is the Disability Coordinator for the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University.

She is Convener of the Western Sydney University node of the Sydney Intellectual History Network (SIHN), and is Convener for the current History, International Studies and Politics group.

She currently teaches undergraduate history of sexuality, modern European history, and historical theory.

She welcomes prospective honours, masters and PhD projects in any area 19th and 20th-century European cultural or intellectual history, in medieval history of sexuality, heresy and gender, and in any area of historiography or historical theory, and in other areas of sexuality or gender studies, any area of history of medicine, science, sport or health across time and place. 

Alison M. Moore is also a 2018 masters weightlifting champion at both NSW and national levels, and a bronze medallist in Australian Open, British Southern Masters and Oceania Masters championships. She is a current NSW state record holder in both the snatch and total scores in two different women's masters weight classes:

Her recent podcast interviews include:

30/30 Strong August 2018 interview on her work on the history of menopause:

Blabcoast July 2018 interview on her work on the history of sexuality:

You can also find a recording of her December 2017 talk on morbid love at Birkbeck University of London:

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  • Phd University of Sydney
  • BA(Hons) University of Sydney


  • University Medal and Philip Erdos Prize for Best History Honours Thesis, University of Sydney 1995-02-01
  • Visiting Scholar grant from the Society for the Study of French History 2017-03-15
  • Grant-in-Aid from the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality for travel relating to research on gay SM subcultures in the U.S. 2002-09-01

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Arts (SoHCA)


  • School Research and Higher Degree committee
  • Research Convenor for the History Group
  • School Disability Support Committee


Phone: (02) 9772 6185
Location: 7.G.19

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Current Teaching Areas

  • 101991 History of Sexuality

Previous Teaching Areas

  • 100873 Inventing Modernity, 2012
  • 100873 Inventing Modernity, 2013
  • 101991 History of Sexuality, 2014
  • 101991 History of Sexuality, 2015
  • 101991 History of Sexuality, 2016
  • 102000 Modern European History and Politics, 2012
  • 102000 Modern European History and Politics, 2017
  • 102001 Theories and Methods of History, 2013
  • 102001 Theories and Methods of History, 2014
  • 102001 Theories and Methods of History, 2015



  • Moore, A. (2015), 'Sexual Myths of Modernity: Sadism, Masochism and Historical Teleology', : Lexington Books 9780739130773.
  • Moore, A. (2012), 'Sexing Political Culture in the History of France', : Cambria Press 9781604978223.
  • Cryle, P. and Moore, A. (2011), 'Frigidity: An Intellectual History', : Palgrave 9780230303454.

Chapters in Books

  • Moore, A. (2015), 'Androgyny, perversion, and social evolution in interwar psychoanalytic thought', Sex, Knowledge, and Receptions of the Past, Oxford University Press 9780199660513.
  • Moore, A. (2012), 'The erotic republic : dynamic exchanges between politics and sexology in the French Third Republic', Sexing Political Culture in the History of France, Cambria 9781604978223.
  • Moore, A. (2012), 'Historicizing sexual symbols', Sexing Political Culture in the History of France, Cambria 9781604978223.
  • Moore, A. (2011), 'Sadism As Social Violence', Bodies, Sex and Desire from the Renaissance to the Present, Palgrave 9780230283688.
  • Moore, A. (2009), 'Colonial Visions of Third World Toilets: A Nineteenth-Century Discourse That Haunts Contemporary Tourism', Ladies and Gents: Public Toilets and Gender, Temple University Press 9781592139392.
  • Moore, A. (2008), 'Fin de Siecle Sexuality and Excretion', Fin de Siecle Sexuality: The Making of a Central Problem, University of Delaware Press 9780874130379.
  • Moore, A. (2008), 'Pathologising Female Sexual Frigidity in Fin-De-Siecle France, Or How Absence Was Made Into a Thing', Pleasure and Pain in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture, Rodopi 9789042025028.
  • Moore, A. (2007), 'Sexualites, identites, nationalismes dans la longue guerre europeenne', Amours, guerres et sexualite, 1914-1945, Gallimard 9782070118960.
  • Moore, A. (2006), 'History, Memory and Trauma in Photography of the Tondues: Visuality of the Vichy Past Through the Silent Image of Women', Visual Genders, Visual Histories, Blackwell 9781405146654.
  • Moore, A. (2005), 'Kakao and Kaka: Chocolate and the Excretory Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Europe', Cultures of the Abdomen: Dietetics, Digestion and Obesity in the Modern World, Palgrave 9781403965219.
  • Moore, A. (1998), 'Spiritual sadomasochism : Western and Tantric perspectives', Masochism: Disciplines of Desire: Aesthetics of Cruelty: Politics of Danger, University of Sydney 1864513551.
  • Moore, A. (1997), 'The medieval body and the modern eye : a corporeal reading of the old French Fabliaux', Worshipping Women: Misogyny and Mysticism in the Middle Ages: Six Essays with an Introduction and a Note on the Ruthwell Cross, University of Sydney 9781864512786.

Journal Articles

  • Moore, A. (2018), 'Conceptual layers in the invention of menopause in nineteenth-century France', French History, vol 32, no 2 , pp 226 - 248.
  • Moore, A. (2018), 'Genocide instinctive group violence and hominid mass killing : toward a biohumanistic historical perspective', Global Journal of Archeaology and Anthropology, vol 4, no 2 .
  • Moore, A. (2018), 'On the need for more research on ageing sexuality in the history of medicine', Open Access Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, vol 4, no 3 .
  • Moore, A. (2018), 'Historicizing the modern European excremental world-view', Advanced Research in Gastroenterology & Hepatology, vol 10, no 1 .
  • Moore, A. (2018), 'Victorian medicine was not reponsible for repressing the clitoris : rethinking homology in the long history of women's genital anatomy', Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, vol 44, no 1 , pp 53 - 81.
  • Moore, A. (2017), '[In Press] L'Amour morbide : how a transient mental illness became defunct', Intellectual History Review, .
  • Moore, A. (2016), 'Historicising historical theory's history of cultural historiography', Cosmos and History, vol 12, no 1 , pp 257 - 291.
  • Moore, A. (2014), 'What became of cultural historicism in the French reclamation of Strasbourg after World War One?', French History and Civilization, vol 6 , pp 82 - 91.
  • Moore, A. (2014), 'Rethinking cultural historicism : a continuous genealogy from Burckhardt to the present?', Journal of History and Thought, vol 1 , pp 109 - 148.
  • Moore, A. (2013), 'The spectacular anus of Joseph Pujol : recovering the Petomane's unique historic context', French Cultural Studies, vol 24, no 1 , pp 27 - 43.
  • Moore, A. (2012), 'Arcane erotica and national 'patrimony' : Britain's Private Case and the Collection de l'Enfer of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France', Cultural Studies Review, vol 18, no 1 , pp 196 - 216.
  • Moore, A. (2011), 'Is the unspeakable singable? The ethics of 'Holocaust' representation and the reception of Gorecki's Symphony no. 3', Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, vol 8, no 1 .
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  • Moore, A. (2009), 'Recovering difference in the Deleuzian dichotomy of masochism-without-sadism', Angelaki, vol 14, no 3 , pp 27 - 43.
  • Moore, A. (2009), 'Relocating Marie Bonaparte's clitoris', Australian Feminist Studies, vol 24, no 60 , pp 149 - 165.
  • Moore, A. (2009), 'Frigidity, gender and power in French cultural history : from Jean Fauconney to Marie Bonaparte', French Cultural Studies, vol 20, no 4 , pp 331 - 349.
  • Moore, A. (2009), 'The invention of the unsexual : situating frigidity in the history of sexuality and in feminist thought', French History and Civilization. Papers from the George Rude Seminar, vol 2 , pp 181 - 192.
  • Moore, A. (2005), 'History, Memory and Trauma in Photography of the Tondues: Visuality of the Vichy Past through the Silent Image of Women', Gender & History, vol 17, no 3 , pp 657 - 681.
  • Moore, A. (2005), 'Sadomasochistic desire as fascism', Lesbian and Gay Psychology Review, vol 6, no 3 , pp 163 - 176.

Conference Papers

  • Moore, A. (2004), 'Female flesh and the boundaries of the French nation : a theoretical intervention into recent historiography of the "tondues"', Australasian Association of European History. Conference, Brisbane, Qld..

Alison Moore conducts research in modern European conceptual and intellectual history, historiography and historical theory, history of ideas about sexuality and gender, history of medical thought about gut health, history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, and history biology and health. Her new work in the bio-humanities focuses on engagements between the humanities and the medical sciences.

Her forthcoming accepted publications include:

Alison M. Moore, "The Historical Sexes". In Howard Chiang, Anjali Arondekar, Marc Epprecht, Jennifer Evans, Ross Forman, Hanadi al-Samman, Emily Skidmore, Zeb Tortorici (eds), The Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer History (Gale Cengage, Scribner reference, 2018),  671-677. In press, ISBN: 0684325543. See:;jsessionid=58D115B81749791F88FD7DB97937CAA9?N=197+4294921852&Ntk=P_EPI&Ntt=168067965868418304515269592251794667352&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial

Manon Mathias and Alison M. Moore (eds), Gut Feeling and Digestive Health in Nineteenth-Century Literature, History and Culture (New York: Palgrave, 2018). ISBN: 978-3-030-01857-3. In press:

The above volume includes:

Manon Mathias and Alison M. Moore, "The Gut Feelings of Medical Culture," In Manon Mathias and Alison M. Moore (eds), Gut Feeling and Digestive Health in Nineteenth-Century Literature, History and Culture (New York: Palgrave, 2018), 1-14

Alison M. Moore, "Situating the Anal Freud in Nineteenth-Century Imaginaries of Excrement and Colonial Primitivity". In Manon Mathias and Alison M. Moore (eds), Gut Feeling and Digestive Health in Nineteenth-Century Literature, History and Culture (New York: Palgrave, 2018), 55-84.

She is also currently co-editing a special edition of the peer-reviewed journal Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease with Manon Mathias and Jørgen Valeur on The Gut-Brain Axis from Humanistic Perspectives. Her accepted, forthcoming articles in this volume include:

Alison M. Moore, Manon Mathias and Jørgen  Valeur, "Contextualising the Gut-Brain Axis in History and Culture" . And:

Alison M. Moore, "Coprophagy in Nineteenth-Century Psychiatry".

Her new and ongoing monograph project for the following 3 years is on the History of Sexual Ageing, 1774-2018.

She is now also involved in a research project with the Australian Human Rights Commission in relation to policy development for people born with variations of sex characteristics.


This information has been contributed by Doctor Moore.

Previous Projects

Title: A History of Ageing Libido
  • The Society for the Study of French History
Western Researchers: Alison Moore
Years: 2017-09-25 - 2017-12-18
ID: P00023875


Doctor Moore is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Porno Chic: An Analysis of the Costumed Bodies of 1970s Soft-Porn Films Through The Symbolisms of the Ancient Greek God Dionysus and His Representation as Mask
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Canonisation of Shi'a Hadith Literature
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Censorship and Representatio of Eroticism in Post-revolutionary Iranian Cinema: A Study of Erotic Semiotics in Mainstream, Underground and Diasporic Cinema
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Michel Foucault's Theory of Pastoral and Disciplinary Knowledge/Power Relations - A Case Study of Roman Catholic Christianity (1545 to the Present)
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Bulleh Shah: Politics, Poetry and Pluralism in the Late Mughal Empire.
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: A Menshevik Historiography of the Russian Revolution
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Fashioning Melancholia: Sartorial aesthetics and cultural identity in Aotearoa New Zealand
Field of Research: Society And Culture
Thesis Title: Tintin in the Classroom: Engaging Students in the Study of the Past Through Comics
Field of Research: Language And Literature
Thesis Title: The Marquis de Sade and Materialism: A Reading into the Unreadable
Field of Research: Language And Literature Not Elsewhere Classified

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