Doctor Ursa Komac

Doctor Ursa Komac

DAP - Architecture,

Senior Lecturer, Architectural Design and Technology,

Senior Lecturer, Architectural Design and Technology,


Urša Komac is a Senior Lecturer and the Director of Academic Programs in Architecture at Western Sydney University. She is a registered architect from Europe and holds a BA in Architecture, MSc in Landscape Architecture from the University of Ljubljana and a PhD from Barcelona School of Architecture. She has worked as an architect and as an architectural critic for more than 20 years. She has taught at the Boston Architectural College, the Barcelona School of Architecture, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney and Canberra. In 2018 she was a Visiting Research Fellow at Tokyo University of the Arts and a Marie Curie Fellow at the Barcelona School of Architecture, exploring connections between academia and practice. From 2015-17 she was a CI on an OLT teaching grant, exploring new paths for a PhD in architecture.

Her research interests are architecture and the city, public space, heritage and architectural education. In addition to several articles, she co-authored a monograph on architect Bogdan Bogdanovic. She received the Piranesi Award for the Rest Areas for the Bicycle Paths in the Slovene Karst with Spela Kuhar. Her Observation Points in Škocjanski zatok were recently selected for the 9th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture and nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award. Her co-authored book (with Pablo Guillen) City Form, Economics and Culture: For the Architecture of the Public Space is out in 2020.

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Professional Memberships

  • Architects Council of Europe (1998 - 2021)
  • AACA Standing Panel Member (2020 - 2023)
  • Australian Institute of Architects, Education Committee, NSW Chapter (2019 - 2021)


  • Architecture and the City, Public Space, Heritage, Architectural Education

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Architecture
  • Architecture
  • Architecture


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Location: J.2.33

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 301197 Architecture Studio - Fundamentals of Analogue Design, 2020
  • 301198 Architecture Studio - Fundamentals of Digital Design, 2020
  • 301199 Architecture Studio - Rethinking the Sub-urban, 2020
  • 301200 Architecture Studio - Rethinking Urbanism, 2020
  • 301237 Practice Research Studio 1, 2020
  • 301239 Advanced Design Communication, 2020
  • 301383 Practice Research Studio Housing, 2020
  • 800218 Researcher Development 1: Reading, Writing, and the Business of Research, 2020
  • 800220 Researcher Development 2: Proposing and Justifying Research, 2020



  • Guillen, P. and Komac, U. (2020), 'City Form, Economics and Culture: For the Architecture of Public Space', : Springer 9789811557392.
  • Komac, U. and Guillen, P. (2011), 'Die Erinnerungskiste von Bogdan Bogdanovic', : Wieser Verlag 9783851298888.
  • Komac, U. and Guillen, P. (2010), 'La Ciudad y La Muerte: La Caja de Memoria de Bogdan Bogdanovic', : Mudito 9788492607433.

Chapters in Books

  • Komac, U. and Guillen, P. (2009), 'Bogdan Bogdanovic und Joze Plecnik', Bogdan Bogdanovic: Memoria und Utopie in Tito-Jugoslawien, Wieser 9783851298345.

Journal Articles

  • Osei-Kyei, R., Tam, V., Komac, U. and Ampratwum, G. (2023), '[In Press] Critical review of urban community resilience indicators', Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, .
  • Osei-Kyei, R., Tam, V., Komac, U. and Ampratwum, G. (2023), 'Review of the relationship management strategies for building flood disaster resilience through public-private partnership', Sustainability, vol 15, no 13 .
  • Nobis, P., Komac, U. and London, K. (2023), '[In Press] Form, function and monumentality : a critical analysis of J?rn Utzon's late work on the Sydney Opera House', Fabrications, .
  • Komac, U. (2020), 'Dudik, Vukovar, 1980 : Bogdan Bogdanovic', Architect's Bulletin, vol 224-227 , pp 146 - 147.
  • Komac, U. (2017), 'Public space as a public good : some reflections on public space to enjoy solitude', Athens Journal of Architecture, vol 3, no 2 , pp 137 - 150.
  • Komac, U. (2015), 'Niestandardowo nowoczesni : Bogdan Bogdanovic i Joze Plecnik', Herito, vol 17-18 , pp 86 - 99.
  • Komac, U. (2014), 'Why architectural design and research are not more relevant in the real world?', Revista Lusofona de Arquitectura e Educacao / Lusofona Journal of Architecture and Education, vol 11 , pp 573 - 578.
  • Komac, U. and Guillen, P. (2011), 'Bogdan Bogdanovic and the public space to enjoy solitude : Prilep, Travnik and Vukovar', Serbian Architectural Journal, vol 3, no 1 , pp 27 - 36.

Conference Papers

  • Komac, U. (2014), 'Why do architectural schools bother to teach theory?', International Workshop COAC-ETSAB, Barcelona, Spain.


  • 2017, 'The Insects: Mutations of Ideas through Conversation'
  • 2017, 'Travnik: Frightened Eyes in the Grass'
  • 2016, 'Opazovalisca v Skocjanskem Zatoku'
  • 2016, 'Opazovalisca v Skocjanskem Zatoku'
  • 2016, 'Mama's Apron'

Architecture and the City, Public Space, Heritage, Architectural Education

This information has been contributed by Doctor Komac.


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: A Reappraisal of Jorn Utzons work on the Sydney Opera House with focus on Geometry and Prefabrication
Field of Research:


Title: A conversational approach to architecture and its application to teaching design.
Description: 2018 ACADUS: The Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools Conference. Arts and Design in Transition, Perth.
Title: Terra Australis Cognita: Views of a Slovenian Australian.
Description: 2019 SAAA (Slovenian Australian Academic Association) Conference. The University of Sydney.
Title: What Australia can learn from bicycle-friendly cities overseas
Description: The Conversation August 28, 2020

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