Doctor Tien-Ming Hng

Doctor Tien-Ming Hng

Conjoint Associate Professor,
School of Medicine


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  • School of Medicine



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Journal Articles

  • Bishay, R., Meyerowitz-Katz, G., Hng, T., Colaco, C., Khanna, S., Klein, R., Sanjeev, D., McLean, M., Ahlenstiel, G. and Maberly, G. (2021), '[In Press] A retrospective case-control cohort analysis of comorbidity and health expenditure in hospitalized adults diagnosed with obesity utilizing ICD-10 diagnostic coding', Clinical Obesity, .
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  • Cheung, N., Crampton, M., Nesire, V., Hng, T. and Chow, C. (2019), 'Model for integrated care for chronic disease in the Australian context : Western Sydney Integrated Care Program', Australian Health Review, vol 43, no 5 , pp 565 - 571.
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  • Bishay, R., Meyerowitz-Katz, G., Chandrakumar, D., Jayaballa, R., Hng, T., McLean, M., Punchihewa, D., Jeyaprakash, M., Burgess, D., Riskallah, J. and Maberly, G. (2018), 'Evaluating the diabetes-cardiology interface : a glimpse into the diabetes management of cardiology inpatients in western Sydney's 'diabetes hotspot' and the establishment of a novel model of care', Diabetology and Metabolic Syndrome, vol 10, no 1 .
  • Duke, A., Yap, C., Bradbury, R., Hng, T., Kim, C., Wansbrough, A. and Cheung, N. (2015), 'The discordance between HbA1c and glucose tolerance testing for the postpartum exclusion of diabetes following gestational diabetes', Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, vol 108, no 1 , pp 72 - 77.

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