Doctor Nathan Berger

Doctor Nathan Berger

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Dean's Unit - School of Education


I am currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education at Western Sydney University (WSU). I have degrees in information technology, secondary social sciences, and quantitative educational research. My PhD in the social psychology of education was awarded by the University of Newcastle (UON). Also at UON, I worked as a senior research assistant and casual academic. My research training has developed skills in quantitative and qualitative methods, including survey and focus group methodologies, and sophisticated techniques for longitudinal data analysis. I have presented my research at national and international conferences, and, as an Early Career Researcher, I am beginning to establish a publication record in international outlets. I have several years tertiary teaching experience in the foundations of education, educational psychology, the sociology of education, and STEM education.

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  • Phd University of Newcastle (NSW)
  • MEd Stud University of Newcastle (NSW)
  • MTeach Dist University of Newcastle (NSW)
  • BIT University of Newcastle (NSW)


  • Australian Postgraduate Award 2013-07-01


  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational research
  • STEM Education
  • Secondary Education

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Dean's Unit - School of Education


Location: K.2.29
Penrith (Kingswood)

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Current Teaching Areas

  • 102089 Secondary Curriculum 1C
  • 102092 Secondary Curriculum 2C
  • 102509 Computational Thinking across the STEM Curriculum
  • 102512 Researching STEM Education for Future Leadership
  • 102763 Applied Robotics and Programming in Secondary STEM Education

Previous Teaching Areas

  • 102086 Designing Teaching and Learning, 2016
  • 102086 Designing Teaching and Learning, 2017
  • 102086 Designing Teaching and Learning, 2018
  • 102086 Designing Teaching and Learning, 2019
  • 102508 STEM foundations, 2018
  • 102509 Computational Thinking across the STEM Curriculum, 2017
  • 102509 Computational Thinking across the STEM Curriculum, 2018
  • 102509 Computational Thinking across the STEM Curriculum, 2019
  • 102511 STEM Pedagogies in Practice, 2019
  • 102512 Researching STEM Education for Future Leadership, 2019


Chapters in Books

  • Berger, N. and Archer, J. (2015), 'The relationship between social class and students' academic achievement goals : three hypotheses', Routledge International Handbook of Social Psychology of the Classroom, Routledge 9780415856966.

Journal Articles

  • Berger, N., Mackenzie, E. and Holmes, K. (2020), 'Positive attitudes towards mathematics and science are mutually beneficial for student achievement : a latent profile analysis of TIMSS 2015', The Australian Educational Researcher, vol 47 , pp 409 - 444.
  • Berger, N., Hanham, J., Stevens, C. and Holmes, K. (2019), 'Immediate feedback improves career decision self-efficacy and aspirational alignment', Frontiers in Psychology, vol 10 .
  • Tan, L., Berger, N., Jones, K., Southall, M. and Mason, K. (2019), 'Top five steps in championing STEM innovations', Science Education News, vol 68, no 1 , pp 32 - 36.
  • Berger, N., Holmes, K., Gore, J. and Archer, J. (2019), '[In Press] Charting career aspirations : a latent class mixture model of aspiration trajectories in childhood and adolescence', The Australian Educational Researcher, .
  • Berger, N. and Archer, J. (2018), 'Qualitative insights into the relationship between socioeconomic status and students' academic achievement goals', Social Psychology of Education, vol 21, no 4 , pp 787 - 803.
  • Berger, N. and Archer, J. (2016), 'School socio-economic status and student socio-academic achievement goals in upper secondary contexts', Social Psychology of Education, vol 19, no 1 , pp 175 - 194.
  • Berger, N. (2016), 'Thesis abstract : A social psychological examination of factors shaping career and education aspirations through childhood and adolescence', Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, vol 149, no 1 & 2 , pp 84 - 84.

Conference Papers

  • Holmes, K., Prieto-Rodriguez, E., Hickmott, D. and Berger, N. (2018), 'Using coding to teach mathematics : results of a pilot project', International STEM in Education Conference, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Qld..
  • Gore, J., Holmes, K., Smith, M., Ellis, H., Albright, J., Southgate, E. and Berger, N. (2014), 'On the relationship between socio-economic status and educational and career aspirations in the middle years of schooling', American Educational Research Association. Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pa..

Other Publications

  • 2020, 'Teaching Resource on Flooding in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley: Assessing the Impact on Student Learning', Report
  • 2019, 'Fast Tracking the Future Education Program: Sydney Metro Professional Development Project Evaluation', Report

Current Projects

Title: Parramatta Light Rail Teacher Professional Development Project
  • Transport for NSW
Western Researchers: Catherine Attard, Nathan Berger and Erin Mackenzie
Years: 2018-10-15 - 2021-06-30
ID: P00025472
Title: Inquiry based learning professional development: Using Australia's largest infrastructure project to engage students
  • Sydney Metro
Western Researchers: Catherine Attard and Nathan Berger
Years: 2020-06-29 - 2022-07-01
ID: P00026627

Previous Projects

Title: Introduction to Teaching for Tutors Online Professional Development
  • North Shore Coaching College
Western Researchers: Kathryn Holmes and Nathan Berger
Years: 2017-09-18 - 2018-07-27
ID: P00024563
Title: Evaluation of the CEDP Numeracy and Mathematics Strategy
  • Catholic Education Office Diocese of Parramatta
Western Researchers: Kathryn Holmes and Nathan Berger
Years: 2016-05-04 - 2016-08-31
ID: P00023458


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: The rise of the usability and accessability of digital devices, the fall of coding in schools
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Exploring predictors of academic buoyancy and perceptions of resilience in pre-service teachers: A mixed method study
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: How does an experienced science teacher's padegogical content knowledge (PCK) develop during action research?
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Making Hanzi Learnable for Nonbackground Beginning Learners: An Action Research Study in a Primary School in Australia.
Field of Research: Education
Thesis Title: The Use of Mobile Devices for Self-Directed Learning Outside the Classroom Among EFL University Students in Saudi Arabia
Field of Research: English As A Second Language Teaching; Education; Other Education; English Language

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