Doctor Natalie Edmiston

Doctor Natalie Edmiston

Academic Lead - Clinical & Educational Research,
School of Medicine



  • MPH University of New South Wales
  • MBBS University of Sydney

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School of Medicine



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Journal Articles

  • Warner, S., Cheung, D., Condon, A., Cunningham, J., Bailie, J., Minc, A., Herbert, S. and Edmiston, N. (2024), 'Communication and coordination of care for people living with HIV : a qualitative study of the patient perspective', BMC Primary Care, vol 25, no 1 .
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Previous Projects

Title: Motivations, barriers and enablers for sexual assault medical workforce in NSW, Australia
  • Health Administration Corporation
Western Researchers: Natalie Edmiston, Rosalie Power and Jane Ussher
Years: 2023-02-10 - 2023-11-30
ID: P00028492

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