Doctor Hiromi Muranaka

Doctor Hiromi Muranaka

Academic Course Advisor, Bachelor of Arts First Year Advisor,
Languages, Interpreting and Translation (sohca)

Languages, Interpreting and Translation (sohca)


Hiromi's research ranges over bilingualism, Japanese linguistics, applied linguistics, language acquisition and narrative acquisition. Her most recent work is on the comparison of Japanese narrative acquisition of monolingual and bilingual children by focusing on the syntactic aspects of children's oral narratives. She has written a number of works in the area of bilingual child language acquisition, Japanese linguistics (Japanese particles) and online issues in language teaching.

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  • PhD Macquarie University
  • MPhil(Ling) University of Sydney
  • MA Monash University
  • GDipAppJapaneseLing Monash University
  • BEd Tokyo Gakugei University

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Languages, Interpreting and Translation (sohca)
  • Languages, Interpreting and Translation (sohca)


Phone: (02) 9685 9376

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Journal Articles

  • Abi Esber, F., Yang, P., Muranaka-Vuletich, H. and Moustakim, M. (2018), 'Linguistic taboos : a case study on Australian Lebanese speakers', Asian Culture and History, vol 10, no 1 , pp 89 - 98.
  • Muranaka-Vuletich, H. (2017), 'Is bilingual language development different from monolingual? : evidence from the use of ellipsis in narrative', Journal of Child Language Acquisition and Development, vol 5, no 1 .
  • Muranaka-Vuletich, H. (2017), 'The effects of narrative types in children's narrative production', Journal of Japanese Linguistics, vol 33 , pp 27 - 42.
  • Muranaka-Vuletich, H. (2004), 'Japanese Loanword Usage Amongst Second Language Students in Australia', Journal CAJLE (Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education), vol 6 , pp 137 - 153.
  • Muranaka-Vuletich, H. (2003), 'The Use of Japanese Particles by a Bilingual Child: Is it Influenced by English', E-Journal of Asian Linguistics & Language Teaching, vol 0, no 4 .
  • Muranaka-Vuletich, H. (2002), 'Language Mixing of the Bilingual Child: How Significant Is Parental Input', Japanese Studies, , pp 169 - 181.
  • Muranaka-Vuletich, H. (2001), 'The effects of input on a Japanese-English Bilingual's Aacquisition of Japanese Particles', Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Mmulticulturalism, vol 7, no 1 , pp 38 - 55.

Conference Papers

  • Muranaka-Vuletich, H. (2014), 'Characteristics of the written narratives of intermediate Japanese language students', Japanese Studies Association of Australia. Conference , Australian National University.
  • Muranaka-Vuletich, H. (2012), 'The effects of age on bilingual acquisition of the Japanese referential system', Japanese Society for Language Sciences. International Conference, Nagoya University.

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