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Doctor Hadeel Al-Alosi

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Dr Hadeel Al-Alosi’s main research interests are related to the legal and societal responses to the abuse of women and children. Her research looks at sensitive topics including child sexual abuse, domestic and family violence, and the use of technology to facilitate such abuse (commonly referred to as "cyber-violence"). Hadeel’s research is socio-legal and spans across multiple disciplines such as law, criminology, and psychology. Therefore, she is interested in collaborating with researchers from various disciplines.  Hadeel values research impact and disseminating her findings. She does so by frequently accepting invitations to present as an expert speaker at conferences throughout Australia and internationally and regularly engaging with the media. You can find someone of Hadeel’s media contributions on The Conversation.

Hadeel’s doctoral thesis addressed Australia’s child abuse material legislation and involved conducting a cross-jurisdictional analysis of the relevant law in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It specifically looked at the potential criminalisation of fantasy material, particularly in the form of Japanese comics and animations, under current Western laws. These controversial and intriguing issues are discussed in-depth in Hadeel’s recently published a book, The Criminalisation of Fantasy Material: Law & Sexually Explicit Representations of Fictional Children. The book is now available online


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  • GradDipFamDisRes College of Law
  • Doctor of Philosophy University of New South Wales
  • GradDipLegPract College of Law
  • Bachelor of Laws University of New South Wales


  • child abuse
  • criminal law
  • criminology
  • domestic violence

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School Of Law


  • School of Law Research and Higher Degrees Research Committee


Location: Parramatta

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 200010 Criminal Law, 2017
  • 200432 Commercial Law, 2019
  • 200700 Law Honours Dissertation, 2017
  • 200909 Enterprise Law, 2018



  • Al-Alosi, H. (2018), 'The Criminalisation of Fantasy Material: Law and Sexually Explicit Representations of Fictional Children', : Routledge 9781138572812.

Chapters in Books

  • Al-Alosi, H. (2018), ''Is yaoi illegal?!' : let's get real about the potential criminalisation of yaoi', Law and Justice in Japanese Popular Culture: From Crime Fighting Robots to Duelling Pocket Monsters, Routledge 9781138300262.

Journal Articles

  • Al-Alosi, H. and Hamilton, M. (2019), 'The ingredients of success for effective restorative justice conferencing in an environmental offending context', University of New South Wales Law Journal, vol 42, no 4 , pp 1460 - 1488.
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2018), 'Will somebody please think of the children?! : child focused and child inclusive models in family dispute resolution', Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, vol 29, no 1 , pp 8 - 20.
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2018), 'Australia's child abuse material legislation : what's the artistic merit defence got to do with it?', Criminal Law Journal, vol 42, no 3 , pp 147 - 159.
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2017), 'Criminalising fictional child abuse material : where do we draw the line?', Criminal Law Journal, vol 41, no 4 , pp 183 - 197.
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2017), 'Cyber-violence : digital abuse in the context of domestic violence', University of New South Wales Law Journal, vol 40, no 4 , pp 1573 - 1603.
  • Maurushat, A., Trzaskowski, J. and Al-Alosi, H. (2017), 'Open data : turning data into information, and information into insights that allow for evidence-based policy', Newcastle Law Review, vol 12 , pp 104 - 147.
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2016), 'JB v R (No 2)63 : inquiry into murder conviction based on new and fresh evidence', Amicus: Newsletter of the New South Wales Young Lawyers' Criminal Law Committee, vol 4, no 3 , pp 14 - 15.
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2016), 'Turner v R : relevance of summary jurisdiction at sentence', Amicus: Newsletter of the New South Wales Young Lawyers' Criminal Law Committee, vol 4, no 5 , pp 16 - 18.
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2016), 'A time to fly and a time to die : suicide tourism and assisted dying in Australia considered', Marquette Benefits and Social Welfare Law Review, vol 17, no 2 , pp 257 - 284.
  • Al-Alosi, H., Vidhata, A. and Maurushat, A. (2016), 'The role of bystanders in cyberbullying', Precedent, vol 132 , pp 20 - 24.
  • Maurushat, A., Chawki, M., Al-Alosi, H. and Shazly, Y. (2014), 'The impact of social networks and mobile technologies on the revolutions in the Arab World : a study of Egypt and Tunisia', Laws, vol 3, no 4 , pp 674 - 692.

Conference Papers

  • Al-Alosi, H. (2018), 'Strategies used to tackle technology-facilitated abuse in the domestic violence context', Justice Connections 5, University of Canberra.
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2017), 'The (potential) criminalisation of comics/manga as child abuse material', Crime and Justice in Asia and the Global South, Cairns, Qld..
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2016), 'Self-produced media and fantasy crime', Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology. Conference, Hobart, Tas..
  • Al-Alosi, H. (2016), 'User-generated content, fantasy, and the law', International Conference on Humanities and Social Science, Deira, Dubai.

Other Publications

  • 2018, 'The National Redress Scheme', Recorded Work
  • 2017, 'Technical Country Reports on Enabling an Open Data Culture 2017', Report
  • 2017, 'The criminalisation of fictional child pornography under Australia's child abuse material legislation', Recorded Work

- Domestic and family violence

- Child abuse material

- Family dispute resolution 

Dr Hadeel Al-Alosi has research expertise in various areas of law and criminology. She is currently accepting supervision of PhD, Masters, or Honours students.

This information has been contributed by Doctor Al-Alosi.


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