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Doctor Frances Henshaw

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Journal Articles

  • Henshaw, F., Brennan, L. and Macmillan, F. (2018), 'Perceptions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy among podiatrists practicing in high-risk foot clinics', International Wound Journal, vol 15, no 3 , pp 375 - 382.
  • Henshaw, F., Boughton, P., Lo, L., McLennan, S. and Twigg, S. (2015), 'Topically applied connective tissue growth factor/CCN2 improves diabetic preclinical cutaneous wound healing : potential role for CTGF in human diabetic foot ulcer healing', Journal of Diabetes Research, vol 2015 .
  • Rhou, Y., Henshaw, F., McGill, M. and Twigg, S. (2015), 'Congestive heart failure presence predicts delayed healing of foot ulcers in diabetes : an audit from a multidisciplinary high-risk foot clinic', Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, vol 29, no 4 , pp 556 - 562.
  • Henshaw, F., Twigg, S. and McLennan, S. (2014), 'What's the buzz : bee products and their potential value in diabetic wound healing', Journal of Diabetic Foot Complications, vol 6, no 2 , pp 24 - 39.
  • Henshaw, F., Bolton, T., Nube, V., Hood, A., Veldhoen, D., Pfrunder, L., McKew, G., Macleod, C., McLennan, S. and Twigg, S. (2014), 'Topical application of the bee hive protectant propolis is well tolerated and improves human diabetic foot ulcer healing in a prospective feasibility study', Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, vol 28, no 6 , pp 850 - 857.

An experienced clinician, I am also a researcher and scientist, my PhD explored the mediation of inflammation in the wound micro-environment in diabetes.  My primary research interest is in the prevention and management of diabetes related foot disease and my current research focuses on advanced wound assessment using novel point of care techniques such as ultrasound and biochemistry.  I also have an interest in personalised care such as activity monitoring and pressure offloading to prevent primary foot ulceration and ulcer recurrence.  Having worked 'at the coalface' I have seen the devastating consequences of diabetes related foot ulceration and I now have collaborations with several high risk foot services conducting clinical research.   I strive to find translatable solutions which will improve foot related outcomes in people with diabetes   

Funding to date includes:

Henshaw, F:  Vice-Chancellor’s Professional Development Scholarship, Western Sydney University (January 2016) $1390.00.

Henshaw, F: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Treatment Evaluation in Soft Tissues (HOTTEST): Western Sydney University Strategic Initiative Women’s Fellowship Award, (January-December 2016): $39671.51.

Simmons, D., Wong, V., Dickson, H., Lau, N., Malone, M., Flack, J., Dalal, R., Perera, C., Rajagopal, R., Ho, V., Kormas, N., Turner, D., Girosi, F., Atlantis, E., MacMillan, F., Henshaw, F., Cook, A., Khoo, C. The Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Translational Research Unit. South Western Sydney Local Health District Academic Research Unit, New Unit Grant, (February 2016-February 2019): $2.25 million.

Henshaw, F. Matrix Metallo-proteinases and Pressure a Prospective INternentional study (MAP-PINS)  Western Sydney University Researcher Development Strategic Initiative Funding New Staff Scheme, (July 2015-December 2015): $19,996.40.

Henshaw, F. School of Science and Health Catalysing Innovative Learning and Teaching Grant, Western Sydney University, (March 2015-September 2015): $5,997.40.


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Current Projects

Title: Economic Burden of Diabetes-related Foot Disease in Australia: Evidence from New South Wales
  • South Western Sydney Local Health District
Western Researchers: Kathy Tannous and Frances Henshaw
Years: 2017-07-01 - 2021-05-07
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