Doctor Clarissa House

Doctor Clarissa House

Senior Lecturer,
Life Sciences



  • PhD(Distinction) University of Western Australia

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  • Life Sciences


Phone: (02) 4570 1969
Location: M15.G.59

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Chapters in Books

  • Hunt, J., Rapkin, J., House, C. and Wilson, A. (2019), 'Beyond genes and environments : indirect genetic effects and the evolution of behaviour', Genes and Behaviour: Beyond Nature-Nurture, John Wiley & Sons 9781119313427.
  • Hunt, J., Rapkin, J. and House, C. (2018), 'The genetics of reproductive behavior', Insect Behavior: From Mechanisms to Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences, Oxford University Press 9780198797500.
  • Hunt, J. and House, C. (2011), 'The evolution of parental care in the onthophagine dung beetles', Ecology and Evolution of Dung Beetles, Wiley-Blackwell 9781444333152.

Journal Articles

  • House, C., Lewis, Z., Sharma, M., Hodgson, D., Hunt, J., Wedell, N. and Hosken, D. (2021), 'Sexual selection on the genital lobes of male Drosophila simulans', Evolution, vol 75, no 2 , pp 501 - 514.
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Previous Projects

Title: The Rapid Evolution of Male Genitalia
  • Australian Academy of Science
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