Doctor Aso Haji Rasouli

Doctor Aso Haji Rasouli

Lecturer in Architecture,



  • PhD Queensland University of Technology

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Architecture



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Journal Articles

  • Khaksar, A., Tabadkani, A., Mofidi Shemirani, S., Haji Rasouli, A., Banihashemi, S. and Attia, S. (2022), 'Thermal comfort analysis of earth-sheltered buildings : the case of Meymand village, Iran', Frontiers of Architectural Research, vol 11, no 6 , pp 1214 - 1238.
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  • Sompolgrunk, A., Banihashemi, S., Hosseini, M., Golzad, H. and Haji Rasouli, A. (2022), '[In Press] An integrated model of BIM return on investment for Australian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)', Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, .
  • Tabadkani, A., Aghasizadeh, S., Banihashemi, S. and Haji Rasouli, A. (2022), 'Courtyard design impact on indoor thermal comfort and utility costs for residential households : comparative analysis and deep-learning predictive model', Frontiers of Architectural Research, vol 11, no 5 , pp 963 - 980.
  • Haji Rasouli, A. and Banihashemi, S. (2022), 'Augmented reality in architecture and construction education : state of the field and opportunities', International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, vol 19, no 1 .
  • Elghaish, F., Talebi, S., Abdellatef, E., Matarneh, S., Hosseini, M., Wu, S., Mayouf, M., Haji Rasouli, A. and Nguyen, T. (2022), 'Developing a new deep learning CNN model to detect and classify highway cracks', Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, vol 20, no 4 , pp 993 - 1014.
  • Potseluyko, L., Pour Rahimian, F., Dawood, N., Elghaish, F. and Haji Rasouli, A. (2022), 'Game-like interactive environment using BIM-based virtual reality for the timber frame self-build housing sector', Automation in Construction, vol 142 .
  • Trotter, M., Sanders, P., Lindquist, M., Miller, E., Haji Rasouli, A., Blake, A., Harrington, R., Olsen, H., Tyvimaa, T., Pepping, G., Kuys, S. and Drogemuller, R. (2022), 'Intergenerational living and learning : the value and risks of co-locating retirement villages on secondary school campuses : evaluating the GrandSchools vision', Australasian Journal on Ageing, vol 41, no 3 , pp 305 - 309.
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  • Haji Rasouli, A., Banihashemi, S., Kumarasuriyar, A., Talebi, S. and Tabadkani, A. (2021), 'Virtual reality-based digitisation for endangered heritage sites : theoretical framework and application', Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol 49 , pp 140 - 151.
  • Haji Rasouli, A. and Banihashemi, S. (2020), 'The unfolding tragedy of Kandovan : the loss of the last inhabited cone-shaped settlement in the world', Habitat International, vol 102 .
  • Haji Rasouli, A. and Kumarasuriyar, A. (2016), 'The social dimention of sustainability : towards some definitions and analysis', Journal of Social Science for Policy Implications, vol 4, no 2 , pp 23 - 34.
  • Haji Rasouli, A. (2015), 'An investigation of influential factors in the long-term survival of vernacular architecture in the form of cone-shaped dwelling : case studies of Kandovan and Goreme (Cappadocia)', Journal of Engineering and Architecture, vol 3, no 1 , pp 89 - 98.

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