Associate Professor David Mahns

Associate Professor David Mahns

Associate Professor, Integrative Physiology,
School of Medicine


David Mahns is a Senior Lecturer in Integrative Physiology at the School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney. After completing his doctoral work in Cardiovascular Physiology (1999) David undertook post-doctoral work in sensory physiology under the direction of Professor Mark Rowe as a NHMRC research officer. In 2003 he was appointed as Lecturer & Course coordinator (2003-2006). In 2007 David was appointed as a senior lecturer in Integrative Physiology at the University of Western Sydney. David specializes in quantifying the contribution of sensory nerves arising from skin and deep structures such as muscle and bone to perception. Recent work has focused on defining how we distinguish between non-painful (eg innocuous touch) and painful stimuli. These questions are addressed using psychophysical observations and detailed electrophysiological recording. In collaboration with Professor Macefield we are examining the contribution of different sensory nerves to the abnormal condition of allodynia where gentle touch is perceived painful.

Professional Activities:

Member, Australian Neuroscience SocietyMember, UWS School of Medicine Executive CommitteeMember, UWS School of Medicine Research CommitteeHigher Degrees Research Coordinator, UWS School of MedicineHonours Coordinator, UWS School of MedicineDoctoral Supervisor: Saad Nagi, Matthew Barton, Allan Lotfizadeh, Carol GanoHonours Supervisor: Mariam MamozaiMasters Supervisor: Larah Jarque

Community Engagement:

Hosting high-school work experience students in research laboratoryPublic and school lectures on careers in medical researchAnnual participation, UWS Youth Science ForumAnnual participation/promotion, Australian Brain Bee Challenge

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  • PhD University of New South Wales


  • Integrative physiology
  • Microneurography
  • Neuroscience
  • Pain and Tactile sensibility
  • Sensory physiology

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School of Medicine


Phone: (02) 4620 3784
Location: 30.2.16

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Conference Papers

  • Sen, M., Shortland, P., Myers, S., Coorsen, J. and Mahns, D. (2017), 'Treatment with pertussis toxin does not induce a multiple sclerosis-like phenotype in cuprizone-treated mice', Society for Neuroscience. Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., Wash..

Current Projects

Title: Development and validation of early diagnostic test screens for dementia
  • The Ainsworth Foundation
Western Researchers: Mourad Tayebi, David Mahns, Morven Cameron and Paul Hurley
Years: 2021-07-01 - 2025-06-30
ID: P00027520
Title: Linking individualised cell signatures and personalised medicine
  • The Ian Potter Foundation Limited
Western Researchers: David Mahns
Years: 2022-05-01 - 2023-06-01
ID: P00027722

Previous Projects

Title: Finding the key to the migraine riddle
  • Brain Foundation
Western Researchers: Geoffrey Lambert and David Mahns
Years: 2015-03-30 - 2015-12-31
ID: P00022768
Title: Peripheral encoding of forces associated with manipulation by tactile afferents in the human finger
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: John Morley and David Mahns
Years: 2007-12-10 - 2008-12-09
ID: P0015935
Title: Neural Mechanisms of Bone Pain
  • National Health and Medical Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: David Mahns
Years: 2007-02-23 - 2010-12-31
ID: P0015480
Title: Neural mechanisms of muscle pain in humans: referral, hypoalgesia and allodynia
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: David Mahns
Years: 2009-12-16 - 2011-09-30
ID: P00018008
Title: Impact of Stochastic Noise on Nocioception - Can Protective Sensation be Enhanced without Affecting Pain Perception?
  • South West Sydney Limb Preservation and Wound Research
Western Researchers: Paul Breen, Jorge Serrador and David Mahns
Years: 2021-02-01 - 2022-02-07
ID: P00027041
Title: Pleasure & Pain: Defining The Origin and Contextual Boundaries
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: David Mahns
Years: 2010-11-17 - 2014-08-31
ID: P00019329


Associate Professor Mahns is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Neurophysiology of Human Pelvic Viscera
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Antenna Design using Intrinsically Conducting Polymers (ICPs)
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Assessment of the Impact of Dietary Factors in the Control of PSA in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Acute Experimental Muscle Pain: Spatiotemporal Expression of Local and Referred Pain in Human Subjects
Field of Research: Medical Science
Thesis Title: Low-Threshold Unmyelinated Mechanoreceptors: A Novel Substrate of Allodynia in Human Skin
Field of Research: Medical Science
Thesis Title: Laser Activated Chitosan Adhesives for Sutureless Median Nerve Repair
Field of Research: Surgery
Thesis Title: Sutureless repair of transected nerves using photochemically bonded collagen membranes
Field of Research: Surgery; Other Health
Thesis Title: Allodynia: Mechanisms and Treatment
Field of Research: Medical Science; Other Health
Thesis Title: Chitosan-Based Nano-Structured Biomaterials for Sutureless Tissue Repair
Field of Research: Biological Sciences; Physics; Biological Sciences, N.e.c.; Other Natural And Physical Sciences

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