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Director, Centre for Male Health

Emma George is the Director of the Centre for Male Health and an Associate Professor in Health and Physical Education at Western Sydney University. Emma joined Western Sydney University in September 2013 and completed a BHSc (PDHPE), BHSc (Honours Class I) and a PhD at Western Sydney University in 2009, 2010 and 2014, respectively.



Researcher, Centre for Male Health

Neil Hall is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Western Sydney University, specialising in group work. He worked as a social work practitioner in street work, adolescent health, drug and alcohol, sport development, and as a sessional group work specialist in prisons and juvenile justice centres.



Project Officer, Centre for Male Health

Nicholas is a Project Officer with the Centre for Male Health and a current Master’s student at Western Sydney University. Nicholas graduated from Western Sydney University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Physical Education). Nicholas has over 5 years’ experience in the youth and community sports coaching sector, with a focus on performance, engagement and health promotion.



Project Officer, Centre for Male Health

Jonathan is a Project Officer with the Centre for Male Health and Lecturer in Sport Development. Jonathan has over 11 years experience in the sports industry, with a focus on community impact, philanthropy and sponsorship. Jonathan graduated from Deakin University with a MBus (Sports Management) and BBus  (Sports Management), as well as completing an Executive Certificate in Sports Philanthropy through George Washington University.



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