Supporting Refugee Students

"Because English wasn't our first language, we really found it hard to talk to people when we first started studying in Australia. With the support of the College, it got easier and with hard work, we were accepted into our Undergraduate degrees with Western.” - Noor, Graduate

Our refugee students embody the spirit of Western Sydney University, overcoming adversity and harrowing circumstances to access opportunities for themselves and their families through education. COVID-19 has placed additional demands on their study and now more than ever, we need your support.

Without an established support network, many of our refugee students struggle to afford the many essentials, such as textbooks, a laptop and basic living expenses while still studying. These students are often main breadwinners for their family networks, further straining their time and resources.

A scholarship can allow a student to buy a laptop, meaning they are able to study without needing to travel to campus to use the library computers. It can allow them to step back from fulltime work and focus on their studies, or not have to choose between study or that extra midnight shift the week before exams.

Help us support our refugee students today.

Our students are Western Sydney, and they are our future. Together, we can make a difference.

To discuss your gift please call 02 9685 9851 or email

“I applied for a scholarship and then fortunately got it. I was always worried about my sister not getting one but then the next year, she was successful which was very relieving. I was always keen after seeing my family working hard to make a contribution in people’s lives. So, that's why I want to pursue medicine. Thanks to donors like you, I am one step closer to my goal.”
– Ann, Graduate

How you can help support our refugee students

Study Expense Relief | $25

Relief for study expenses such as printing credit.

Travel/Transport Support | $75

Relief for travel expenses such as Opal.

Textbook Support | $180

Relief for textbook costs such as book vouchers.

Rental and Housing Assistance | $400

Rental or accommodation assistance.

*Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Thank you.

*All funds raised will go to the Western Sydney University Refugee Scholarship Fund and be dispersed on a needs basis.