Life-changing scholarship helps launch Jye’s media career

Western Sydney University graduand and Western Sydney resident Jye is thankful to have been the first recipient of Network 10’s Sandra Sully Scholarship in Journalism.

Having recently completed a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism), Jye is grateful for the practical assistance, career kudos and confidence boost the scholarship provided during his last semester of study.

Excited to have recently started his first full-time job as Social Media Producer for the National Rugby League (NRL), Jye appreciates the influence the scholarship has had upon his life.

“People often talk about university being the best time of your life, but it’s also a struggle… trying to balance your studies and work and social life and family and all of your different commitments… having donors such as Sandra Sully and Network 10 has been huge for me. It’s just really brought a lot of stability to my life, and it’s genuinely a life-changing thing. And it’s something that I’m very, very grateful for.” 

Jye Scholarship Recipient.

Photo Credit (above image): Jeff Lambert, Penrith Panthers
Photo Credit (banner image): Sally Tsoutas

A senior journalist and presenter for 10 News First Sydney and Queensland, Sandra Sully has been an integral part of the 10 News team since 1990. Sandra was one of the first journalists in the country to embrace the digital media revolution, seeing early on the power of the platform and its ability to immediately deliver up-to-date and breaking news. In 2019 Sandra launched her podcast Short Black With Sandra Sully, where she talks candidly to a series of intriguing and inspiring women who have something interesting to say, about what really matters.

Sandra’s distinguished career at 10 has included presenter of the news bulletin on ‘Ten Late News’, the first Australian television journalist to cover news of the 11 September terrorist attacks, and host of major network news events.

The financial support of the scholarship allowed Jye to purchase a laptop, supporting his studies and freelance employment, including interning and writing for NRL team the Penrith Panthers, website The Football Sack, and editing Western’s student newspaper W’Sup.

Importantly, the prestige of receiving a scholarship established by one of Australia’s most accomplished television journalists was an impressive accolade on Jye’s CV, assisting with the launch of his media career. 

“To work in the NRL's media department is a dream come true, so this is a very exciting time for me.”

Wishing to ‘pay it forward’ to future generations of media professionals as gratitude for her career in journalism, Western’s 30th anniversary was the catalyst for the creation of a new scholarship, to acknowledge journalist Sandra Sully’s 30 years at Channel 10 in 2020.

Jye Scholarship Recipient.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lambert, Penrith Panthers

Meanwhile, Jye is excited to have launched his career in sports media, and looks forward to the future. The generosity of donors who decide to give back to future generations can have a life-changing impact on students like Jye.

“…thank you very much. It’s been a really life-changing experience, if I’m honest, and I’m eternally grateful.”

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Published April 2021