Where to get help

When adjusting to life and study in Australia it's normal to have difficulties from time to time. The University has a range of free services that you can access to get help with adjusting to study and life in Australia.

Some of the key services available at Western Sydney University are:

There are also a number of organisations and services in the community that you might find helpful. Find out more about help available in the community.

Support services

Counselling Service

The Counselling Service offers culturally sensitive counselling for students on the five main campuses. You can use the Counselling Service for any issues related to culture shock or personal or academic difficulties. Counselling is free and totally confidential.

You can access the counselling service either online using eCounselling or by making a Skype or telephone appointment.

Student Welfare Service

The Student Welfare Service can help you with budgeting or financial support, information about Centrelink or other government agencies, and support and help with accommodation. They can also help you apply for Special Consideration.

The Student Welfare Service is free to all our students and is totally confidential. Find out more on the Student Welfare Service webpage.

Disability Service

The Disability Service provides confidential and culturally sensitive advice and support for all Western Sydney University students with a disability. This includes chronic health conditions, mental health conditions and learning difficulties. If you choose to register with the Disability Service, a disability advisor will assess the impact of your disability or condition and develop an Academic Integration Plan (AIP). An AIP provides adjustments that will help you overcome some of the obstacles you might face and make your time at University easier.

Find out more on the Disability Service webpage.

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Campus Safety and Security

We have security on all our campuses, 24 hours a day every day. They're available to help you with emergency situations, theft, lost property, first aid and can even escort you to your car if you feel unsafe.

The emergency security phone number is 4736 0300. You can also email them at security@westernsydney.edu.au. Find out more at the Campus Safety & Security webpage.

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International students

International Student Advisors

International Student Advisors (ISAs) help international students with issues like student visas, enrolment and fee status, international related correspondence and referrals to other agencies.

There is an after-hours information service for international students that can help with a wide range of difficulties and can refer you to the right service providers. Call the service on 1800 735 807.

Find out more about ISAs, including contact details on the International Student Support webpage.

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Student advocacy and representation

Student Advocate

The University has a student rights advocate who is there to help all students with issues like Special Consideration, bullying and harassment, progression and misconduct.

Find out more on the advocacy webpage.

Student Campus Councils/Student Representative Councils

Our students are represented by the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the six Student Campus Councils (SCCs). These councils represent student interests and advocate on behalf of the student body. University wide elections are held so the student body can vote for the member's they want on each council.

Find out more on the Student representation webpage.

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Skills development and jobs

Workshops and programs for students

There are a range of workshops available to help you settle in to your studies and improve your abilities. Please visit the workshops page for details and to register for sessions.

Western Sydney University Careers

Western Sydney University Careers provides all our students with online information and face to face employment help. This includes jobs while studying, careers after study, career planning and job application skills. They also run student work placement programs, which help students gain experiences that will improve their employment prospects.

Find out more on the Western Sydney University Careers webpage.

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Multifaith Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy provides religious support for a wide range of religions and is available to all our students. There are Multifaith Centres on most campuses, which are open to students to use. Getting involved with the Chaplaincy team is a great opportunity to join in faith based activities, celebrate important religious events and get to know students from a similar religious or cultural background.

Find out more on the Chaplaincy webpage.

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