Tutoring For Success (TFS)


Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students studying at Western Sydney University or The College, that are having difficulties and require assistance in their studies, can apply for free tutoring through the Tutoring for Success (TFS) program. TFS enables eligible Indigenous students to receive individual or group tuition with qualified tutors in specific subject areas, and in relation to academic skills such as essay writing, study techniques and research skills.

Eligible students may be approved for up to two hours of tutoring per week per subject (to a maximum of 8 hours per week), and if required additional hours of exam preparation tuition during the examination period. Tutoring hours will be approved based on the needs of the student, and subject to the availability of funding.

Students can apply for TFS tutoring by completing an application (see link on this page) and emailing it to tutoringsuccess@westernsydney.edu.au, or by attending one of our Badanami Centres to access/lodge an application form.

All applicants for TFS will be invited to meet with a Badanami Academic Literacy and Learning Advisor to discuss their course progress and academic needs, so that Badanami can then identify the most appropriate Tutor to provide the required assistance.


Any eligible person interested in becoming a Tutor for the TFS Program may contact the Badanami team to register their interest via the following link: Badanami Tutoring For Success Eligibility Link

Please click the link & apply yourself to the Eligibility List. There is a guide attached in the right hand column that can assist during this process.  For casual tutoring purposes only, your employment will be called Academic as this allows for the correct pay rates to be selected.

Please note that Badanami will contact registered Tutors to offer specified casual employment based on a student's academic needs and the Tutors academic qualifications and relevant experience. Consequently not all registered Tutors may receive offers of casual employment each Semester.

If offered casual employment with the TFS program, Tutors must comply with the terms of their Casual Employment Authority (CEA) as issued by Badanami. TFS Tutors may only commence tutoring a student as part of the TFS program if they have received, signed and returned a CEA to Badanami.

If you have previously applied for any role with Western Sydney University, please login rather than creating a new account. If you have any problems with this process please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Casual Employment Team on 9678 7575.