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The Badanami Centre for Indigenous Education has facilities located on each campus to provide guidance and encouragement for every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student of the University. Further support is available below for specific course enquiries and student support.

Director - Fiona Towney - Various Campuses

Elder in Residence - Aunty Jean South - Penrith Campus (Kingswood)

Senior Student Advancement Officer Josh Mason – Various Campuses

Badanami Centre Locations and Staff

Bankstown City Campus - Level 3

Campbelltown Campus - Building 3

Hawkesbury Campus - Building K4 (Stable Square)

Kingswood Campus - Building N

Parramatta City Campus (1PSQ) - Level 2

Parramatta South Campus - Building EY

Liverpool City Campus - Level 1

Further Information

Course Information

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  • How to apply
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Courses

Phone: 1300 897 669

Student Support

Find out about:

  • Alternative entry pathways
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Current student support services including graduations, leave of absence and withdrawals
  • Personal and Cultural support
  • Learning support including TFS
  • Academic support

Phone: 1300 897 669