Professor Paul Arthur

Professor Paul Arthur

Dean's Unit - School of Humanities & Comm Arts

Dean's Unit - School of Humanities & Comm Arts


Paul Arthur is Professor and Chair in Digital Humanities at the University of Western Sydney. He leads the Digital Humanities Research Group and is an advisory board member of the Institute for Culture and Society and the Centre for Western Sydney.  A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, he speaks and publishes widely on the global impacts of technology in society and culture. He has held visiting positions in Europe, Asia and North America and is Co–Chair of centerNet, the worldwide network of digital research centres. Paul Arthur was previously Deputy Director of the ANU Centre for European Studies, a joint–funded initiative of the European Commission and the Australian National University. From 2010–2013 he was Deputy Director of the National Centre of Biography, ANU, and Deputy General Editor of the Australian Dictionary of Biography. He serves on the executive boards and councils of the global Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, the International Auto/Biography Association, the Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (founding President 2011–2015), Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres, and the NeCTAR (National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources) Super Science initiative of the Australian Government.

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  • PhD University of Western Australia

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Dean's Unit - School of Humanities & Comm Arts
  • Dean's Unit - School of Humanities & Comm Arts



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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 102299 Text, Media and Memory, 2015



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Chapters in Books

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Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

  • Arthur, P. (2014), 'Knowledge networks in the humanities', Digital Humanities Congress, Sheffield, U.K..


Paul Arthur's publications include: Virtual Voyages: Travel Writing and the Antipodes 16051837 (2010), and the edited volumes Private Lives, Intimate Readings (2015, with Leena Kurvet–Käosaar), Advancing Digital Humanities: Research, Methods, Theories (2014, with Katherine Bode), Framing Lives (2014), International Life Writing: Memory and Identity in Global Context (2013), Australian Dictionary of Biography Volume 18 (2012, Deputy General Editor), the award–winning Voices from the West EndStories, People and Events That Shaped Fremantle (2012, with Geoffrey Bolton), and Recovering Lives (2011). Migrant Nation: Australian Culture, Society and Identity (ed.) and Border Crossings: Essays in Identity and Belonging (ed. with Leena Kurvet–Käosaar) are forthcoming in 2016. He is editor of the book series Scholarship in the Digital Age (Anthem Press, London and New York) and an advisory board member for the journal Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (Oxford University Press). 

In 2016–2017 Paul Arthur is a Visiting Professor of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). He was one of thirteen Australian academics selected for the Indian Government Global Initiative for Academic Network (GIAN) Program for Distinguished International Faculty in 2015. Paul Arthur was Dr R. Marika Chair of Australian and Indigenous Studies at the University of Cologne, Germany in 2013–2014, and he is an Adjunct Professor of the University of Canterbury. Over the past decade he has been a Visiting Fellow at: the ANU Centre for European Studies, Australian National University (2013–); the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London (2010–2011); HUMlab, the digital research centre at Umeå University, Sweden (2009–2010); the Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers University, USA (2009); the Centre for Historical Research, National Museum of Australia (2007); Manning Clark House, Canberra (2007); and the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University (2006), where he was also an Adjunct Research Fellow (2007–2009). In 2004 he was Helen and John S. Best Research Fellow at the American Geographical Society Library and an International Associate of the Center for 21st Century Studies, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. In the same year he received an Australian Academy of the Humanities Fieldwork Fellowship. 

Paul Arthur has a PhD from the University of Western Australia (English, Communication and Cultural Studies), Bachelor of Arts double major in English and Comparative Literature and Communication Studies with First Class Honours (Murdoch University, Western Australia), and diplomas of Leadership and Management (University of Western Australia Business School) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (International Learning Centre, Edinburgh). Paul is also a violinist, with an Associate of Music (AMusA with High Distinction, Australian Music Examinations Board). Classically trained, he has performed and recorded with international artists including Yothu Yindi, Andrew Farriss, Tania Kernaghan, Billy Thorpe and José Padilla.

This information has been contributed by Professor Arthur.

Current Projects

Title: Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment
Years: 2016-06-13 - 2018-06-12
ID: P00022619
Western Researchers: Simon Burrows, Paul Arthur and Jason Ensor
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)

Previous Projects

Title: DomeLab: an ultra-high resolution experimental fulldome [via UNSW - no funding to UWS]
Years: 2015-02-23 - 2016-02-22
ID: P00022200
Western Researchers: Paul Arthur
  • Australian Research Council (non ACRG)
Title: Ageing Creatively: Creative Writing as a Tool for Healthy Ageing
Years: 2015-03-01 - 2016-06-30
ID: P00022526
Western Researchers: Anthony Uhlmann, Paul Arthur, Christopher Davis, Denis Burnham, Esther Chang, Hazel Smith, Jason Ensor, Rachel Hendery, Rachel Morley and Melinda Jewell
  • University of Western Sydney


Current Supervision

Title: Perspectives and Experiences of young People of the Impacts of Cyber Life in Constructing Self-Identities, Wellbeing and Resilient Abilities: Risk Factors and Strategies
Field of Research:
Title: Colouring Outside the Lines: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Digital Media Law
Field of Research:
Title: Impact of Digital Media in Academic Publishing: A Perspective
Field of Research:

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