Criteria for selecting facilitators to run distributed data gathering with children

In the implementation of our unique distributed data gathering process, we recommend that all facilitators of research and consultation workshops with children meet the following criteria:

Essential criteria

  • Significant experience working with adolescents in participatory projects
  • Finely honed facilitation skills including:
  • A lively, engaging and upbeat engagement style accompanied by genuine curiosity about different ways of experiencing the world
  • Capacity to instigate, moderate and effectively summarise (as opposed to leading) discussion among participants about their insights and experiences
  • Capacity to nurture a safe, respectful, inclusive and supportive space in which participants can contribute, including the effective mediation of any conflict and the meaningful inclusion of diverse children and adults in the discussion/activities
  • Willingness to read the facilitation guide carefully, attend a facilitator training webinar and implement the workshop activities in the spirit in which they are designed.
  • Capacity to tailor the activities, as necessary, to meet the demands of working with particular groups, including children and young people
  • Knowledge of the requirements for working ethically with children and young people ranging from ensuring participants safety/freedom from discomfort to fostering the full participation of all persons in a workshop setting
  • Has the necessary authorisations and clearances to work with children and young people, as determined by UNICEF’s rules and the legislation of the participating country
  • Agrees to travel to the workshop venue, which may be in a rural location.

Desirable criteria

  • Experience conducting research with young people
  • Speaks the same language as the participants