Youth, Diversity and Wellbeing in a Digital Age

Youth, Diversity and Wellbeing in a Digital Age is co-led by Professor Amanda Third and Professor Anita Harris (Deakin University) with Dr Alison Baker as Victoria University’s work package leader. The Stream’s lead community partner is the Centre for Multicultural Youth, a Victorian not-for-profit organisation providing young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds with specialist knowledge and support, allowing young people to be connected, empowered and influential Australians.

The Youth, Diversity and Wellbeing in a Digital Age stream aims to: (1) establish effective mechanisms for strengthening civic engagement and social belonging amongst a diversity of young people; (2) map and support young people’s activist capacities and develop new strategies with local agencies for supporting youth social justice initiatives; (3) address racism and discrimination as key drivers of risk to social cohesion and causes of marginalisation; (4) understand relationships between young people’s local worlds, transnational networks and online communities to build a productive sense of belonging; (5) investigate young people’s civic and political uses of the internet and digital media, and understand the relationship between digital affordances and global citizenship capacity building; (6) evaluate and establish youth-focused social cohesion, digital literacy, digital and global citizenship, resilience (including digital resilience) and preventing violent extremism initiatives, programs, curricula and interventions including those designed for and with young people.

The conceptual framework and design approach of this project is underpinned by a Living Lab co-research and engagement platform, which is the other major piece of work we are currently undertaking. Read more about a living lab approach and facility here.


Professor Amanda Third

Associate Professor Philippa Collin

Associate Professor Liam Magee

Dr Nida Denson



  • Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria (via Deakin University)


February 2019 – Dec 2023

Project website: Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies