Carpentaria: Chinese Translation

Chinese Carpentaria Book Cover Banner SectionCarpentaria, the Miles Franklin Prize winning novel by Writing and Society Research Centre member Alexis Wright, has been translated into Chinese and launched at the Australian Embassy in Beijing as part of Australian Writers' week 2012. The book was launched by the Australian Ambassador to China Ms Frances Adamson alongside translator Li Yao.

Watch the video message that Alexis Wright sent to the Embassy to mark the launch.

Launch of Carpentaria in China

Australian Ambassador Ms Frances Adamson, translator of Carpentaria Li Yao, President of the Writers' Association of China Ms Tie Ning and 2012 Nobel Prize winning author and China Australia Literary Forum participant Mo Yan.

This launch builds on the success of the China Australia Literary Forum hosted by the Writing and Society Research Centre in 2011. Alexis Wright was a participant in this event that brought together Chinese and Australian writers.

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