Writing, Sounds, Images, Texts

Music and Literature by William Michael Harnett

This unit will examine the relationship between text and sound, literature and music, both in formal terms and with regard to gender, ethnicity and disability. As a basis for the unit we will examine theories of the relationship between words and sound, and the significance of the concept of sound in the work of some literary and cultural critics.  We will analyse the way music is represented in selected novels, explore ideas about the voice in singing and performance poetry, and consider the evolving relationship between sound, text and image in new media works.  Throughout we will make comparisons with the relationship between sound and text in film, and in the media more broadly. The unit will revolve round the relationship between critical work and creative practice in this field through the interrelated concepts of practice-led research and research-led practice.  This unit will be taught by new media writer and scholar Hazel Smith.

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