Candidate Support and Resources

Western Sydney University offers a range of support and resources for higher degree research candidates.

Candidature Project Funds

Candidates can apply to the Centre for research funds. The allocation is $2000 p.a for full-time students and $1000 for part-time students, although we tend to view your funds as $6000 over three years (or six) and are therefore flexible about amounts requested over $2000.

Accessing Postgraduate Funds A) Projects with no travel component

1. Discuss your plans to use your candidature project funds with your principal supervisor first.

2. Fill in a Candidature Project Funds form (available at the above site) including a paragraph of support from your principal supervisor. Submit this to Melinda Jewell for provisional approval.

3. Once approval is granted either pay for the item yourself and then seek a reimbursement (via Melinda or Suzanne), or indicate to Melinda that you wish the university to buy it upfront.

B) Projects with a travel component

1. Discuss your plans to use your candidature project funds with your principal supervisor

2. If required obtain a quote for flights or accommodation. Log onto the World Travel Website. (opens in a new window) Log on using your student email address and password. Check your etraveller profile is up to date. Then place an erequest by indicating desired flight times and dates and hotel dates. You will be required to provide a project code which is 73070. You can add extra notes in the box provided (including a quote you may have already sourced and wish to have matched).

3. Once you have a quote fill in a Candidature Project Funds form (available from above site or from Melinda Jewell). This requires obtaining a paragraph of support from your principal supervisor. Once you have a quote and this form send it to Melinda Jewell. She will then have your application provisionally approved by the School's Research Higher Degree Committee. Further if you are on a scholarship and spending time overseas working on your thesis OTHER than attending a conference you will need to apply for Overseas Travel Approval. This is done using a vary of candidature form (mentioned on page 7 above).

4. After notification of provisional approval (an email to your student email from the Dean) fill in an etan (electronic travel approval number). You can either access this form from an email sent to you when your quote was provided or by logging onto World Travel and selecting erequests, then myrequests and then clicking on the quote magnifying glass. (notes on etan provided below)

5. When etan is complete save and close it and then, via 'myrequests' and the quote magnifying glass, create a DTS (detailed travel schedule). Then again through 'my requests' and the quote magnifying glass submit your etan for approval. For designation put Melinda Jewell or Suzanne Gapps for the first line and Anthony Uhlmann ( au) for the second line if domestic travel and Peter Hutchings if international travel (

6. After submission of an etan, assuming all is approved, you will be sent an electronic eticket. For accommodation and conference registration fees you can either pay this yourself and be reimbursed or inform Melinda or Suzanne you would like this paid before you depart.

7. If you intend to seek reimbursement on your return print out a T2 form for international travel and a T3 form for domestic travel. Also print out a payment request form for submission with receipts on your return. Also print out a T4 form for all international trips and for domestic trips greater than 5 nights.

While on your trip

If you are intending to seek reimbursements collect all original receipts. If necessary complete your T2 or T3 and your T4 form(s)

On return

WITHIN FIVE DAYS submit your T4 to and, if seeking reimbursements, give you completed T2 or T3 (with personal and bank details – leave table blank) to Melinda or Suzanne.

Notes on Making an etan

An etan is an electronic record of your travel. It is a complicated form, but if you are entirely confused, when saving it will prompt you to amend any problems. When it does this the problem section will be at the top of the computer screen. ALSO please don't hesitate in contacting Melinda or Suzanne if you have problems.

Part A – Mandatory Traveller Declaration

»» Make sure you tick the Traveller Declaration box

Part B – Traveller Details

»» The first part of this section will be automatically populated from your etraveller profile

»» If the automatically populated cost centre in this field is other than 20176 amend this in your etraveller profile and select Writing & Society's 20176 in the alternate cost centre box.

»» If your travel is domestic you will need to indicate you have email approval. This approval can take the form of the email you receive from the Dean indicating that you funds have been approved.

»» Indicate if your travel will involve any component of annual leave. If it does you will be required to indicate the number of business days and private days. Business days are days you are involved in university activities (conference, research, writing retreats), travel days those days when you travel to or from the location where business will be conducted, unavoidable days are weekends or public holidays that fall between business days and days between business activities when it is too short a period to return home. Private days are days are those days where no business activity is occurring, weekends and/or public holidays between private periods or travel days after a period of private leave when departure is late in the day. If you are unsure of what days are considered private and which are business please feel free to contact Melinda or Suzanne. Also the completion of the T1 (or DTS – detailed travel schedule) form will assist you in determining the number of each type of day.

»» Indicate if you are presenting at a conference, the title of your paper and the dates of the conference

Part C – Estimate of all Expenses

»» In the table list all the costs associated with your travel. For airfares select 'invoice university'. For accommodation and conference fees select 'corporate card' and send details to Melinda or Suzanne so we can organise payment before your departure. If you have already paid for your conference fees select 'to be reimbursed' in this table. For costs that cannot be paid before departure you can apply for a travel advance, up to $1000 for international trips, $500 for domestic trips.

Part D – Nominated Funding Sources

»» In the table of this section list the cost centre as 20176, the project code as 73070, the campus as 11 and the entity as 31. Also write the total cost of expenses.

»» In the section which says 'Trip to be funded in full or partially' select the box that says 'full' under research funds.

»» In the section which says 'If funded via Research Services ... etc' select N/A

»» If someone is accompanying on your travel who is not a student at Western Sydney University their flights and accommodation can also be booked through the etan. Arrangements will need to be made for this additional person to pay for their portion of the trip. To do this indicate in the box at the bottom of Part D who will be paying for the other portion and a contact detail for them. They will need to fill in a World Travel Authority to Pay by Credit Card form (obtain from Melinda or Suzanne) and attach this to you etan in Part F.

Part E – Travel Declaration and Emergency Contact Details

»» This section is fairly self-explanatory. Make sure you review the DFAT category for countries that may be problematic.

Part F – Supporting Documentation/ Itineraries/ Additional Comments

In this section you must upload:

»» Your candidature project funds application which has been signed by the Dean

»» Your itinerary provided by World Travel

»» For international travel a list of all previous university funded travel

»» A copy of any conference paper acceptances, conference registration forms and/or web links.

Summary Notes on the University Travel Policy

DTS – Detailed Travel Schedule

After saving and closing the final version of your etan create a DTA via 'my requests' and the magnifying glass. Fully fill in the Detailed Itinerary Mandatory Fields using drop down menus. Put in a description for each row. Read the full Western Sydney University travel policy. (opens in a new window)

Section 1 – Purpose and Context

»» The policy applies to University business travel regardless of the source of funding. It applies to both staff and students

Section 2 – Definitions

»» Official business travel includes meetings, teaching, conference attendance and/or presentation, research field trips.

»» Private days are those where the traveller is not undertaking business activities

»» Travel days are those where a Western Sydney University traveller is travelling to his or her business destination. They are counted as business days except if you travel on a day after annual leave departing in the late afternoon or evening.

»» Unavoidable Days are weekends/public holidays falling between two business days, or a period of time between two business components of the trip which is too short to return home.

Section 4 A
– Travel Risk Management

»» You must check advice issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading The university will not support travel to countries classified as 'do not travel' or 'reconsider your need to travel'

Section 4 B – Western Sydney University Appointed Travel Agent

»» Your must book using World Travel, the University appointed agent for all travel bookings

»» You can request that the travel agent matches a competitive fare. If you don't feel you are receiving the most competitive fare you can contact the Finance Officer, Corporate Travel.

Section 4 C – Application and Approval

»» You do not need an etan for single day local travel

»» Etans need to be completed 21 calendar days prior to departure (international) and 14 days prior to departure (domestic).

»» If you are attending a conference you need to have your travel approved prior to booking and paying for registration and accommodation. If possible organise for Melinda or Suzanne to pay for accommodation and registration prior to departure.

Section 4 D – Bookings

»» The Western Sydney University agent must book all travel needs via the Western Sydney University travel portal. This now includes accommodation and ground transportation. When making an erequest you can list a desired accommodation venue such as a university lodging.

»» For remote locations travellers may make their own accommodation arrangements.

»» For the erequest the travel agent requires a credit card to secure a booking. On your erequest please direct the travel agent to contact Melinda Jewell or Suzanne Gapps for our corporate credit card.

Part E – Travel Expenses and Advances

»» If you are staying overnight you are entitled to travel expenses including accommodation, meals and other incidentals. A list of expenses that can be claimed are provided in the travel policy.

»» If you seek reimbursements on your return you must provide original receipts.

Part F – Travel Acquittals

»» You must acquit your travel within five days of returning. If you are seeking reimbursements or acquitting a travel advance you must provide a complete an International Travel Expense form (T2) or Domestic Travel Expense form (T3) and submit this to Melinda or Suzanne, along with receipts.

Part G – Travel Diaries

»» A travel diary (T4 form) must be kept for all international trips and domestic trips greater than five nights.

»» The T4 form must be lodged via email to with the etan no. in the subject line.

»» If this is not submitted the entire trip can be deemed private and a reimbursement sought

Part H – Travel Insurance

»» Western Sydney University travellers on approved business travel are covered by the University's travel insurance

»» Western Sydney University travellers must meet any travel insurance costs for all private days

Part J – Dual Purpose Travel

»» When the private component of a trip exceeds 50% of the total duration the Western Sydney University traveller must reimburse the university the proportionate private percentage of the total airfare

Part K – Western Sydney University Traveller Accompanied by Another Person

»» Where Western Sydney University travellers are accompanied on the same trip by another person this must be indicated on the etan

»» Western Sydney University will pay for our student's travel expenses as though they were travelling alone. Details of a contact must be provided to World Travel on the etan so they can contact the traveller for payment of the other portions.

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