2018 Seminars

After the seminar has passed you can click on the seminar title to read an abstract, listen to audio and view images of the seminar presentations.

All seminars are are on Parramatta South campus, Female Orphan School conf. room 1, EZ.G.23, 1pm - 3.00pm unless otherwise indicated.



9 March Peter Boyle, Emily Stewart and Jason Tuckwell
Facilitated by Kate Fagan
"The Untold Story that Tells Itself": Talking Poetics
23 March Meg Samuelson (U Adelaide) Ben Etherington (WSU) Anthony Uhlmann (WSU) ‘Ideas of the South (Other Worlds Project)’
11 April Margaret Busby (distinguished visitor)

Special guest Margaret Busby, ‘Doyenne of Black British Publishing’ in conversation with Ben Etherington

27 April Anne Jamison (WSU) Lorraine Sim (WSU) Ben Etherington (WSU) New staff publications – 3 WSRC members give short papers about their recent book publications.
4 May Louise D’Arcens (Macq U) Mark Byron (U Syd) From Medieval to Modern & Modern to Medieval
18 May Suzie Gibson (CSU) Chris Fleming (WSU) Alex Ling (WSU) Special panel on Conspiracy and Scandal:
‘The Unbridled Enthusiasm of Conspiracy Theories’
‘This Time It’s Impersonal: Trying to Explain the World’
‘The Malice of a Good Thing’: Contemporary Scandal and the Creation of Controversy
1 June

Claire Keegan (distinguished visitor)

Award winning, Irish short story author Claire Keegan talks about, and reads from her work.
15 June Jeff Powell (WSU, Hawkesbury Institute For The Environment), Ben Denham (WSU), Andrew Francis (WSU, Centre For Research In Mathematics) Forms of Relation in Art, Biology and Mathematics
17 August Stuart Cooke (Griffith U), Alys Moody (Macquarie U), Bonaventure Muzigirwa Munganga (UNSW) Transculturalism and Translocalism in the South

31 August


Mariana Dimópulos (visiting Argentinian writer) EA.G.03, Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, Parramatta South Campus Writer in residence with the ARC 'Other Worlds' project. Reading and Q&A.
14 September Chair: Felicity Castagna The Finishing School: Young women writers from Western Sydney will present readings from new works of fiction
21 September

Alice Te Punga Somerville (U Waikato, NZ)

Ross Gibson (UNSW)

Liz Machon (UNSW)

Chair: Samantha Trayhurn

Islands of the South
5 October Helen Basides (WSU) Anne Jamison (chair)  'Ann Radcliffe and the renegotiation of gratitude'
26 October

Chris Andrews (WSRC)

Valentina Gossetti (U New England)

Jim Rheingans (U Sydney)

Making Senses: special panel on translation
30 November

Peta Mitchell (QUT)

James Gourley (WSU)

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