2016 Seminars

After the seminar has passed you can click on the seminar title to read an abstract, listen to audio and view images and video of the seminar presentations.

All seminars are in room 3.G.55 on the Bankstown Campus unless otherwise indicated.

Friday 4 March
1-3 pm

Linda Gregerson (visitor)

'The Craft of Poetry'  esteemed American poet and critic Linda Gregerson discusses the craft of poetry with Writing & Society HDR candidate Kate Middleton. Linda reads from her most recent poetry collection Prodigal: New and Selected Poems, followed by a Q&A.

Friday 1 April

11am- 12:30pm
Ben Denham (WSRC) 'An Ethics of Diversity: art, ayahuasca and microbial life'
Friday 15 April
11am- 12:30pm
Anne Jamison (WSRC), Simon Burrows & Jason Ensor (WSU)

Digital Literary Studies panel discussion

Friday 13 May Rory Dufficy 'An Epoch of Possibility: On the Theory of the Avant-Garde'

Friday 3 June

11am- 12:30pm
Paul Magee (U of Canberra) '"And we do not Know Exactly What we are Going to Say until we have Said It": Interview Data on how Poems are Made'

Friday 24 June
11am- 12:30pm

Postgraduate  seminar papers

Peter Boyle, Amanda Tink, Rebecca Law

11 -13 July
WSU, Parramatta

AAL Conference, hosted by WSRC Conference theme: Literature and Technology
Friday 12 August 

11am - 12:30pm
Sascha Morrell (UNE) 'Working with zombies, from Haiti to Wall Street'

Friday 9 September
11am- 12:30pm

Kate Fagan (WSRC) 'The Poetics of Ali Cobby Eckermann and Natalie Harkin'
Friday 23 September
11am- 12:30pm
Postgrad seminar papers

Adam Daniel, Geoff Munns and Yvonne Edgren

Friday 30 September
11am- 1:00pm
Michael Mohammed Ahmad and Ellen van Neerven 'Black & Lebo'
Readings from new creative work and Q&A session   
Friday 7 October 11am-12:30pm Hamish Ford  (U Newcastle) and Anthony Caffy (visiting Erasmus Scholar)

'Music and Modernity in Ingmar Bergman's films'

Friday 14 October
11am- 12:30pm
Helen Koukoutsis (WSRC) Re-imagining the Afterlife: Emily Dickinson and the Cultural Conversation of Alternative Faiths
Friday 21 October
11am- 12:30pm
Ben Etherington (WSRC) 'On World Literature as an Ideal Concept'
Friday 4 November Sean Pryor (UNSW) 'Ideal Poetry'
Friday 25 November
11am- 12:30pm   
Postgraduate seminar papers Katie Sutherland  and Natalie Conyer
Friday 2 December
11am- 12:30pm
Chris Conti (WSRC) t.b.c. Australian Gothic and the Historical Frontier Romance
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