Antipodean China Workshop

Forms of world literature WS hpThe Antipodean China workshop to be held at the University of Adelaide 23-24 November 2017 is an occasion for writers, translators and scholars from China, Australia and elsewhere to reflect together on questions that are central to the research project, namely what presence does China, or Chinese literature, have in the work or imagination of writers in Australia, including Indigenous writers? How does this differ from other Anglophone writers, or writers in other European languages, or other ‘southern’ or Antipodean writers? What presence does Australia, for example, or Australian literature, or Aboriginal Australian storytelling, have in the Chinese world? And reciprocally, is it possible to speak of influences from ‘southern’ or Antipodean writers on Chinese literature? The investigators and invited research collaborators are asked to read or present on the topic, followed by discussion and dialogue. Invited guests include poet Xi Chuan, translators John Minford, Annie Ren and Eric Abrahamsen, writer Brian Castro and scholar Giuseppa Tamburello (University of Palermo). >Read More (opens in a new window)

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