Move to Parramatta

It is proposed that that the Writing and Society Research Centre be relocated from the Bankstown Campus to the Parramatta South Campus for 2018, with the MA in Literature and Creative Writing to be offered at the Parramatta City Campus. The core Writing and Society Research Centre staff would be relocated from Bankstown to the Parramatta campus.

The School of Humanities and Communication Arts aims to draw on the greater attractiveness and convenience of the Parramatta campuses for both domestic and international students.

Increasing the profile of the Centre, the Whitlam Institute, SCHA and WSU

Writing and Society have been in discussions with the Whitlam Institute through its Director Eric Sidoti and its Deputy Director Leanne Smith. Both have expressed a strong desire to work closely with and collaborate with Writing and Society in the event of a move to Parramatta. Such a collaboration would enable Writing and Society to better showcase existing strengths with Giramondo Publishing, the Sydney Review of Books, and the important cultural events we organise, by providing a ‘shop front’ for the two publishers and a world class venue (the Female Orphan School) for the events. This affiliation would further contribute to the profile of the Female Orphan School and the Whitlam Institute as showpieces of the University and major centres for engagement.

Research Development and Increased Research Funding

Writing and Society already works closely with the Australia China Institute for Arts and Culture (ACIAC), but their collaborations (both on events and projects) have been limited by distance. The Centre wishes to work closely in turn with the Institute for Culture and Society, the Digital Humanities Research Group, and the Whitlam Institute on future research projects and this collaboration will be facilitated by moving to the same campus.

Engagement with Industry Partners

Parramatta has established itself as a new arts hub in Western Sydney and Writing and Society already has strong links with Parramatta Council, ICE, Riverside Theatre, National Theatre of Parramatta, and others who work in the Parramatta CBD. Writing and Society are working on a number of projects related to Crown Packer Funding in Parramatta. An Arts Precinct is under development in Parramatta. In short, Parramatta provides a strong opportunity for the Centre to build further industry funding.

Enhanced teaching and increased student load

An analysis of student postcodes indicates that the majority of Master of Creative Arts in Literature and Creative Writing (MALCW) students are drawn from Parramatta, the Inner West and Sydney. The impact and attractiveness of the MALCW would be increased by teaching it at 1PSQ in the Parramatta CBD.

Basing the MALCW at 1PSQ will make it easier to draw students to the degree. Further, Writing and Society are contributing significantly to the teaching of the Bachelor of Creative Industries (Creative Writing) major which is taught at the Parramatta campus.


When will the move take effect?

Staff space and specific timeframes for re-location will be made available as soon as it is finalised. It is anticipated that all staff will be in their new accommodations by mid-February 2018.

Will the same level of facilities be offered?

An education brief detailing the facilities required in relocating the programs is now under consideration with Capital Works and Facilities (CW&F) to ascertain how best to ensure that these facilities are able to be provided at Parramatta South.

Will there be any staffing changes as a result of the proposed move?

The proposed staffing profile remains unchanged.

Is there appropriate travel to the new campus?

Yes, the Parramatta South campus is accessible by public transport including University shuttle bus. See University website for more details.

Will the courses at Bankstown remain?

No, a full relocation is proposed. Therefore the MA in Literature and Creative Writing will no longer be offered at Bankstown.

Impact on students?

An analysis of student postcodes indicates that the majority of the students are drawn from Parramatta, the Inner West and Sydney.

Students will be individually case-managed through Academic Course Advisors, where adverse re-location issues are identified.

An information session for students to discuss the relocation with the Acting Director Writing & Society, and the Dean will be held on Tuesday 10 October 2017.

Time: 1pm

Location: 3.G.55

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