The WISER Approach

The Approach

The complexity of securing water supplies and achieving balanced land use can be best tackled through System Harmonisation:

  • Understand the rapidly changing land use and  hydrology of peri-urban regions as impacted by a growing population, metro and regional land and water management strategies, and land and water use for residential, business and other purposes,
  • Understand the role of land and water resources in primary production, identify opportunities and constraints as influenced by the availability of land and water supplies,
  • Analyse market options and mechanisms to improve land and water productivity and environmental outcomes,
  • Identify options and opportunities for improved health of river and water bodies,
  • Review land and water policies, institutional barriers and community aspirations and identify changes needed to improve associated governance and
  • Provide input into regional planning via understanding of water and land resource issues.

Focus of the Wiser Project