Workstation ergonomics

Learn about ergonomics, and see how to adjust your desk, chair and other workstation equipment. Understand how to maintain your comfort with the layout and positioning of your workstation equipment.

The above full-length video  covers the following topic areas:

  1. Workstation Ergonomics - Introduction
    An introduction on ergonomics, common office hazards and how to stay refreshed at work.
  2. Workstation Ergonomics - Desks and Chairs
    Learn about desk types and their adjustment. Watch a demonstration on adjusting your chair and recognise some common chair faults and whether you should use a footrest.
  3. Workstation Ergonomics - Working Smarter
    Information is provided on appropriate postures, workstation layouts and positioning of other workstation equipment including the keyboard, mouse, telephone headsets, laptops and monitors.
  4. Workstation Ergonomics - Review and Summary
    Using the information gained in the above videos, review a few workstations and see if you can identify what is wrong in each case. Take some time to then review and adjust your own workstation.