Racism and Culture Competency

Challenging Racism

Bystander anti-racism is action taken by ordinary people in response to incidents of interpersonal or systemic racism.

Our Bystander Anti-Racism Training packages are designed to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders in addressing and preventing challenges that can arise when diversity is not well managed. The training focuses on understanding and identifying racism as well as evidence based strategies to counter racist incidents that take place in personal, work and public settings. The training has been developed using empirical research findings from bystander anti-racism training conducted by the Challenging Racism Project.

The bystander anti-racism training embeds racism literacy and anti-racism bystander measures to offer practical responses to racism within organisations.

Training on bystander anti-racism action:

  • Unpacks understandings of race and racism
  • Instructs on forms of bystander action
  • Develops bystander anti-racism skills
  • Generates bystander anti-racism confidence

While there are many multicultural and cultural diversity training for workplaces, we have identified an urgent need for anti-racism training. Such specialised training does not currently exist elsewhere in Sydney.

Workshop Date - Challenging Racism

Date:              TBA

Time:              TBA

Location:       Western Sydney University

Cost (includes refreshments):

Alumni  $275
Early Bird $375
Standard $475

Full refund up to two days prior to the event. Numbers are limited, please book early.

Workshop outline

  • Understanding racism
  • How does racism appear in the everyday (small working group discussion)
  • What are the impacts of racism?
  • Understanding bystander anti-racism action.
  • Develop bystander anti-racism skills.
  • Gain bystander anti-racism confidence.
  • Bystander anti-racism response (small working group presentation)

Who should complete these courses?

  1. Senior level/leadership roles
  2. Those that work on the front line and engage with culturally diverse clients
  3. Influencers – key figures in an organisation that have the capacity to influence others, inward and outward looking

These workshops can be tailored to your business needs and can be run at time that suits your business.

For more information please contact our team at WesternXeD for more information. Or call our office on 9678 7419.