Music and imagery in healthcare: Applications to physical and emotional stress and recovery


Music and imagery in healthcare: Applications to physical and emotional stress and recovery

Summary of the workshop 

While many people are using music for health benefits, we have identified an urgent need for well-informed health care training about uses of music and imagery to address physical and emotional stress and recovery within the treatment context.

This workshop introduces a structured and evidence-based approach to using music and imagery in a wide range of medical and health applications, with a view to addressing stress and improving recovery for patient and clients with a wide range of physical and emotional health needs.

This approach is based on principles adopted from the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, which are presented in a step-wise manner in both didactic and experiential learning across the day.

Related topics include an awareness of the auditory environment, use of suitable music, assisting with relaxation, the nature of mental imagery, practising open-ended listening and responses, and using referral processes.

A memory aid acronym is presented as a framework to provide practical steps and considerations in implementing music and imagery experiences with individual patients/clients, and practice of developing skills will occur during the workshop.

Opportunities for questions will be spread across the day, options for further training will be discussed, and a (certificate of completion) is available.

Through real-world examples and experiences, participants will:

  • Use clinical examples to explore physical and emotional stress in healthcare
  • Understand the interface of music, imagery and relaxation as a treatment approach
  • Develop beginning skills in addressing and implementing music, imagery and relaxation strategies within existing practices approaches
Who should attend?
  • Health service and aged care provider managers interested in non-pharmacological approaches
  • Clinical staff broadly interested in integrated care (any discipline)
  • Allied Health and Creative Arts therapist
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Date:             Cancelled to be rescheduled

Time:            TBA

Location:      Western Sydney University

Cost: Standard registration $ 380 (Alumni $280)

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