Associate Professor Gwyneth Howell

With 20 years experience in academia, corporate marketing and communication, Associate Professor Gwyneth Howell is at the forefront of social media engagement and research. Her theoretical model for media use and response during crises and disasters is internationally acclaimed. With multiple awards and recognition across Australia. We welcome you to attend her specialised workshops in ethics and/or crisis management, being hosted at our campuses at Western Sydney University or at a location that suits your business needs. We can tailor these workshops to your business needs adding work specific detail as needed.


In response to Royal Commission into the Banking and Finance Sector, the Western Sydney University has developed a new ethics training module. The module addresses the importance of ethical behaviour in the financial sector and focusses on the role of specific ethics management tools and standards to implement ethics within business organisations. Participants will also gain practical insights on how business ethics can help financial services organisations to (re)build their customers’ trust – an issue particularly affected by the recent crisis. The training can be tailored to different audiences reflecting their specific roles as financial services providers. The module is designed to be completed three hours face to face and three hours online.

We are also creating an on-line program that is recognised by the industry, this module requires renewal every three years and can be transferred between employers.

Issues and Crisis Management

The context for crisis management is constantly changing.  In particular, the increasing growth and influence of social media have dramatically re-shaped how businesses are expected to communicate during testing times. This means that an approach that was effective eighteen months ago may now be insufficient to fully protect your reputation. Gwyneth Howell as the facilitator combines her extensive crisis management experience with the latest case studies to deliver an interactive experience that builds resilience to the crisis. The workshop will cover the creation of a culture designed to identify and address issues before they become crises, as well as best practice in crisis management. We also consider online reputation management and the leadership behaviours required to ensure effective crisis management.  The Workshop is delivered by F2F and online simulation to ensure busy executives can access and refer to the teaching materials after the completion of the workshop.

To apply for one of these courses or for more information on how we can help your business, please email our WesternXeD program admistrator or phone (02) 9678 7419.