Sports Inclusion Program

The Universities 4 - All event will be held on the 16th October 2018

Playing sports carries many obvious physical benefits. At University, playing sports and being a part of a sporting team also carries significant mental wellbeing and social benefits.

Western Sydney University has a strong commitment to providing equal opportunity to all students. Regardless of your sporting ability and skill level, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to participate in sports and build lasting friendships. With the Universities 4-All Program, Western Sydney University is collaborating with Sport NSW in adopting an equity approach to creating more opportunities for our students to engage in sports.

What is Universities 4-All?

Western Sydney University has partnered with Sport NSW and FundAbility to bring the Universities 4-All program to Western Sydney.

Universities 4-All is not only an opportunity for students identifying with a disability to participate in sports but is open to all students, staff and community members regardless of their sporting ability and skill.

The purpose of the event is to provide all Western Sydney University students and community members with the opportunity to try a range of para sports, including Goalball, Boccia, Football, and Wheelchair sports. The day will provide opportunities for participants to engage in and play a variety of para-sports whilst also learning about these sports from a coaching, officiating and volunteering perspective and everyone is also welcome to just come along and support friends and family.

Universities 4-All at Western

With this collaboration, we aim to create a sense of belonging and commUNIty amongst the students and staff of Western Sydney University. In an effort to achieve this, Universities 4-All aims to bring university and community members together and is tailored to include students who may be differently abled to engage in sports and get involved in the community. From a sustainability point of view, the launch of the program also hopes to address issues with gaps in sports programs provided by the university.

Attend a campus event at Western

Come join us on Tuesday the 16th October to take part in the activities and to have a great time!

Details of the event:

Time:                   10AM - 3PM

Venue:                 Penrith Valley Regional Sports. 30 Herbert Street, Cambridge Park NSW 2747

To register:


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