Sexual Health Training

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Promotions Team has an ongoing commitment to build the capacity of our community to be health promoting across all areas of health and wellbeing.

We are proud to be partnering with YFoundation to bring the Sticky Stuff Training Program to Western Sydney University campuses.

What is Sticky Stuff Training? 

Sticky Stuff is a one-day training program that aims to increase the confidence, knowledge and skill of those who work with young people on the topic of sexual health.The program is a collaboration between Yfoundations, NSW Health’s Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Programs Unit and NSW Health's HIV and the HIV and Related Programs (HARP) Teams of our Local Health Districts.

Participants engage in a series of activities to develop a better understanding of the multiple issues experienced by young people. Through these activities participants develop skills and collaborate on service planning to build their capacity to engage young people meaningfully in sexual health conversations.

The full-day training program increases participants sexual health literacy and sexual health service literacy by providing exposure to:

  • Current information and resources
  • Local heath service information on testing and treatment
  • Current trends and statistics
  • Tips for program development

Who can attend the training?

Sticky Stuff training is open to all Western Sydney University staff, external community staff or student leaders, who:

  1. Work with young people AND
  2. Engage or have the opportunity to engage young people in sexual health conversations

Where do I register?

In 2019 Spring session we will be delivering three training sessions. All sessions are from 9am to 4.30pm.

Registrations are completed through Eventbrite. Simply click on the campus (below) corresponding to your preferred session and complete the registration form through the Eventbrite portal. Please note information provided through the registration form is forwarded to and managed by YFoundations.

Sessions will be capped at 25 participants and be filled based on registration order. A small wait list being filled post cancellations.

Please note sessions are not catered, however we have food venues across all campuses.

Contact details

For more information on the Sticky Stuff training please contact Ben Corio

For more information on other Western Sydney University Health Promotion initiatives, please contact Rowena Saheb, Mental Health and Wellbeing Promotions Coordinator or Andrea Earl, Mental Health and Wellbeing Promotions Assistant.

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