2019 Australia and New Zealand University Mental Health Day

What is University Mental Health Day about?

University Mental Health Days were originally developed in the UK by University Mental Health Advisors' Network, with an overarching aim to raise awareness of the mental health and wellbeing needs of those who study (students) and work (staff) in higher education. The initiatives take a whole-of-campus approach to promoting health and wellbeing in the university setting

With the continual demands on our time and increasing commitments, we often neglect our mental health and wellbeing. With mental health issues affecting one in five Australians every year, events such as this serve a good reminder that practicing self-care can be an important step in maintaining a balanced wellbeing.

Acknowledging the importance of these messages, and in support of promoting mental health in our community, the Mental Health and Wellbeing Promotions Team in partnership with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Student Ambassadors have made it a priority to promote and support the understanding of mental health and wellbeing within our University community through University Mental Health Days #unimentalhealthday

This year’s theme for University Mental Health Days is ‘Use Your Voice!Let’s start the conversation!

Events at Western Sydney University

This is the fourth year we have partnered with students to celebrate UMHD. This year we will be hosting pop-up activities across our campuses throughout May in support of student wellbeing. Together with our student partners, we are operationalising this year’s theme of ‘USE YOUR VOICE” by encouraging our community to:

  • Ask for help (help seeking)
  • Help a friend/peer or community (capacity building)
  • Advocate for healthier campuses and communities (sustainable healthy university campuses)

We will be creating wellbeing zones across our campuses, with different student led activities across our campuses, including visits from PAWS Pet therapy, cupcake decorating with headspace, mindful origami and even a bubble tea station. Please note activities vary across campuses.

Date and Location of our Events

Pop-ups on campuses will be held from 11.30am – 2:00pm, at the following locations.

  • Parramatta South – Tuesday 7th May, The Hub, Precinct EG (Wet weather location, the HUB)
  • Campbelltown – Tuesday 8th and Tuesday 14th May, Ceremonial Lawn in front of Building 4 (Wet weather location, under shelter of building 4)
  • Kingswood – Tuesday 8th and 15th May, Lawn area in front of the Library (Wet weather location, Building K through fare)
  • Hawkesbury – Thursday 9th May, Stable Square K4 (Wet weather location, Stable Square Lounge, K4.G.90)
  • Parramatta City – Monday 13th May, Building 1, Level 1
  • Nirimba - Monday 20th May, Outside U8 (Inside U8)
  • Liverpool - Tuesday 21st May, Building 3, Level 1
  • Bankstown – Wednesday 22nd May, Paved area in front of Building 1 (Wet weather location, Inside Building 1)

Additionally, we will also be hosting a ONETalk Forum on Mental Health Carers at our Parramatta South campus on the 16th May. For more information or to register please go to http://westernsydney.edu.au/carersforum

These events are dedicated to the staff and students of our campus, and in support of our Western Sydney University community. Good mental health should be a priority for everyone. We encourage you to take an active role in this year's celebration and connect with your campus and your people.

Our partners for UMHD

In 2019, University Mental Health Day pop-up events are being delivered in partnership with headspace (lead agencies, Parramatta Mission, One Door, Benevolent, and Flourish; Student Wellbeing Services; Campus Life; PAWS Pet Therapy and Mental Health Carers NSW.

Other health promotion opportunities on campus

There are a number of ongoing opportunities to support your wellbeing in May (and beyond). Check out the links below and start prioritising self-care:

  • FREE physical (activity) wellbeing opportunities on multiple campuses are supported by Western Gym
  • Soup Kitchens are coordinated by our Chaplaincy team across campuses and provide ongoing social wellbeing opportunities