Wishing You Well Campaign

wishing you well postcard front

Wishing You Well artwork Co-created by Burrow Design Studio, SoHCA and the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team.

We are Wishing You Well as you navigate university life in a way that you probably didn’t imagine. Studying online, working remotely and being away from friends and family can be really challenging. Stay Supported through a range of services offered.

At WSU, we lift each other up. Let’s make wellbeing part of our everyday. The MHWBT invite you to participate in our Wishing You Well Campaign. Send out a well wish to your friend, colleague, or even a stranger. Simply post on your socials and tag the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team on: Facebook: @westsydumentalhealthandwellbeing Instagram: @westernsydneyumhwb

Re-imaging and re-think. Let your lockdown imagination run wild. Maybe paint a picture, post a gift, fly a paper plane, or sent out a message of encouragement. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Wishing You Well – get involved, let yourself grow and lift each other up!

Let’s make wellbeing part of our everyday.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

The 5 Ways to Wellbeing website has some great tips on how to maintain your wellbeing whilst studying online.

Connect - Develop relationships with those around you – family, friends, neighbours! Our relationships with others help to make us feel good, so try to stay connect when you can. Sharing positive experiences can be very rewarding. When studying online, think about zoom or facetime chats.

Be Active – Find an activity you love and get involved. Dance in your lounge room, join an online exercise class, or do some gardening. Exercising makes you feel good and doesn’t have to cost any money. The health benefits are huge – making you feel good, helping sleep quality, and adding years to your lifespan. Start simple, do what is enjoyable and stick to your plan.

Keep Learning – Try something new or rediscover a past interest – cook a new recipe, play a musical instrument, or do an online course. Keeping learning keeps us on track for happiness, health and wellbeing. Learning something new can boost self-confidence, self-esteem, increase social connections and finding meaning and purpose in life.

Be Aware – Take time to stop and be aware of the here and now. A mindfulness exercise like this one can help lower your anxiety level. Smiling Mind is another great resource with many different relaxation exercises. The Counselling Service also have a series of relaxation recordings on their webpage. Listening to the concentration or motivation visualisation before a study session can get you in the right frame of mind to work.

Helping Others – Do something kind for a friend or stranger – the smallest act can mean so much. When we give to others it makes us feel good – releasing endorphins in the brain. Helping others boosts happiness, increases life satisfaction, improves our mood and reduces stress and makes us have a sense of meaning. When studying online, make time to check in on your friends and family, reach out to community groups and see how you can help.

If you need any help, know that there is support. Counselling is continuing to offer phone and zoom appointments. You can organise an appointment by calling 1300 668 370 (option 4 then 1).